Wine Grapes For Sale

Borgo Pass Vineyards is located near Monroe Oregon just outside the village of Alpine.  Borgo Pass is the last outpost before heading into the mountains and our vineyards are in the foothills of the coast range just before you start climbing the pass over to the town of Alsea.   Our oldest Cabernet vines were planted in 1977 and through the years we have planted a number of different varieties of grapes to sell to the home winemaker.

                                                                                                Being winemakers ourselves, we understand the importance of a well tended vine.
Currently we have Cabernet and Pinot Noir available to be ordered and picked.  Picking usually begins the first week of October with the early grapes and continues until the end of the month.  However, it is good to make contact by mid September because the weather determines ripening.

Our vineyard is well tended which makes picking easier.   Most of our customers return year after year.  Feel free to bring the family and make a picnic out of it.  We have various areas around the property where you can sit at a table and enjoy yourself. 

The prices are $1.45 a pound for under 500 lbs.  $1.25 a pound for 500 lbs or more.  We will crush and destem the grapes into your tub.  Be sure to check out the "What I Need to Bring" page if this is your first time.
 If interested in reserving, you can email us at

We don't have any set hours of operation and will try to work around your schedule.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pick.  If you want us to pick, it is an extra 25 cents a pound. 

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