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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent / loan out canoes?

No.  We are not a business so we can't rent our equipment.  Also, due to liability, we don't loan out our club boats for private use.  We do have some club boats that if you join the club and sign up for an event, you can get a seat in (based on a first sign up basis) if you want to participate in a club event but don't have your own boat.  We also have a facebook group where you are welcom to post a message looking for anyone to connect with privately for boat sharing.

Do you know of any places around town that does rentals?

We are not aware of anyone or any business doing rentals in the Wood Buffalo area currently.  There are some operators in Edmonton that do rentals.  Your best option for finding them is to Google.

Do you provide lessons or run day camps?

We do not do formal lessons.  We often work together as a group to work on skills, or sometimes organize a group training session for members.  As far as we know, there is no one locally providing thisservice, but there are some you can find via google in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff and Jasper areas.

Do you offer guide services? Can our group hire you to take us on a tour?

We don't offer guiding services.  If you are new to the area and want to explore a bit, you are welcome to join the club and try out any of our club trips.  You are also welcome to post on our facebook page even if you aren't a member to connect with other paddlers.  If you are agroup of paddlers from another club and are interested in coming to the area and planning a joint trip with our club, please email us.  We love to hear from and meet other paddlers and explore!

Where can I buy a canoe?

Locally, Canadian Tire sells canoes, as does Formula Sports.  Also check Atmosphere or other sporting goods stores.  If you are looking for second hand, your best bet is to watch kijiji.  You are also welcome to post a looking for message on our facebook page.