Innovative and successful scrap tire projects are being implemented throughout the U.S.-Mexico border region.  Learn about current and past projects by clicking onto the project you would like to view. 
All of the projects are categorized into the U.S.-Mexico Border Scrap Tire Integrated Management Initiative's four principles - Principle 1: Scrap Tire Generation, Principle 2: Scrap Tire Pile Prevention; Principle 3: Scrap Tire Pile Cleanup; and Principle 4: Scrap Tire Management Participation.
*The project descriptions are taken from the 2009 U.S.-Mexico Border Scrap Tire Project Action Plans.

Principle 1:  Scrap Tire Generation

Better understand the problems contributing to scrap tire generation.

Principle 2:  Scrap Tire Pile Prevention

Prevent new scrap tire piles.

Principle 3:  Scrap Tire Clean-up 

Cleanup exsisting tire piles using environmentally sound and cost effective solutions. 

Principle 4:  Scrap Tire Management Participation

Involve stakeholders and communities in creating scrap tire solutions.

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