City/State: Temecula, California
Country: United States of America
Current Organization: Native American Environmental Protection Coalition
Title: Executive Director
Jill Sherman-Warne
Email Address: 
NAEPC was forned by tribal leaders and elders from La Jolla, Pawma, Pechanga, and San Pasqual in 1994. NAEPC was formally established in 1997 to assist member tribes in establishing their own environmental offices, trained staff and assist in grant writing. MAEPC staff representatives attend meetings, trainings, and conferences to gather information for dissemination to the environmental staff of member tribes. NAEPC hosts technical trainings and perform education and outreach at the request of member tribes. NAEPC does not speak for or represent member tribes. 
The different programs include: Border, Training, Education, and Volunteer. The partnerships include the USEPA, Tribal Environmental Health Collaborative, Loma Linda University, The San Diego Foundation, RCAC.