World economic crisis and redundant future energy infrastructure

The inherent dangers of our society and financial system are caused by unjust distribution of funds. Nowadays we have the chance to save and invest intelligently in banks, accumulating sums in a height many times beyond the budget of western governments. A fraction of such an amount would be reasonable for private persons. The government does not in fist respect have the function to uphold and increase the differences between rich and poor. Unfortunately the biophysical system which was forced upon the humans today does not help the poor efficiently enough; reality determines, it has the function to distribute unbelievable amounts of money to single individual intelligence and our changed biophysical condition allows as well execution and torture without difficulties. Every university on the globe can calculate the financial effect. Even my government can not help me to solve my poverty problem, its officials have been taken over by their current biophysical system also. We can easily list all the regions where people are in danger of starvation, many institutions have done this already and serious sources provide figures of poor people worldwide in a very high amount we can not ignore anymore. The Hamburg university for instance has a public debt clock comparing government budget and debt to growth of private savings and property, after a while it turned out the display did not contain enough numbers to show the height defining private property. We should have this everywhere on the globe.

The poor class unfortunately has the problem of restricted access to chances to save and build reserves for a better future, as soon as they have some funds the government takes the money away and they stay poor, they sometimes do not even have permission to save for a pension and a vicious circle occurs forcing the poor into a relation of dependence, receiving benefit. This determines a not appropriate difference in personal value of life between rich and poor, the differences are in the meantime not just a little bit ridiculous, if you allow the remark. A better mechanism to share is required. It would be more efficient to take more from the rich. The rich people even have created websites offering programs charging much money for the chance to work at all and the work itself respectively to work in the honor to serve society and for good purposes. Once caught in such patterns it is not possible at all to contribute voluntarily work anymore.

Inflicted energy field to civilians affecting the ability to hear of spot brained Hamburg residents

From a low voltage lamp with a capacity of 12 volt and 3 watt with the function of an emergency light at night you can learn much about the electricity field around the inhabitants of flats. The sensitivity of the lamp allows to visually witness a fluctuation of the electricity net, shown in a temporarily flickering light with irregular occurrence and duration. Hamburg people are sleeping in an electric field with unknown effect to the biophysical system. In my particular case a Tinnitus – a constant noise in the inner ear – and a little sickness has developed. A neutral diagnosis of the left inner ear has shown an objective considerable reduction of the ability to hear. It is recommended to monitor ear damages of the Hamburg natives for the purpose to examine the possible and factual connections between brain diseases and the electricity nets and fields around us. Some Hamburg musicians in the professional scene are possibly suffering from tinnitus not caused by their professional activity but excluding them from their ability to perform because their ears get damaged. Our health might have been violated. From my personal point of view it seems to be reasonable to replace the common net. Political attempts to replace the contemporary electricity net completely have led to a massive government initiative to modernize and strengthen the old electric infrastructure for the delivery of electricity to private households instead of furthering independent passive energy housing appropriately. The contemporary initiative to strengthen the cable supply instead of reducing private energy demand and installing independent single and sustainable energy stations per house endangers future resources. Furthermore it is merely impossible in Germany to rent a private flat without an obligation to accept a contract with an energy provider, even if your power demand is zero or close to nothing. Unbelievable costs have been caused for private people and a tenant has no chance to completely save electricity, the tenants unfortunately have to pay for energy infrastructure, even if provision is not required at all. Landlords and energy business have even developed a very strong lobby excluding ecologically engaged people from access to flats. It is strongly recommended to interrupt future passive energy houses from the contemporary electricity net completely. Political attempts to support energy lobby appear to be a structural failure related to a question of racial concern - saving our resources completely by not using the traditional net at all. Optimized modern technology and a sustainable way of living have enabled me to make a living with a power consumption of approximately 3 kWh provided by a little solar panel, the costs are approximately a cent per month. If connected to the old energy net already the base rates for the net provision exceed these costs by 3000 percent in average, the price for electricity consumption still has to be added. The political initiative to strengthen the net infrastructure is a mistake and a waste of effort, our reduced future demand does not justify a central net served by business peoples power plants. Ecological housing in connection with improved insulation will reliably lead us to a reduced demand. It is highly recommended to stop the energy lobby before a further damage occurs. As far as the author is concerned house owners should ge granted a government reward if their houses are technically able to produce own sustainable energy. Even still present defense considerations should lead us to insight that only a completely independent private house frees from biophysical dependencies arising from and around energy cables. The consequence of an optimized energy technology is not an improvement of the old net, it should instead convince us to abolish technology of the past.