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Bo Pang

Staff Research Scientist

Google Research

Mountain View, CA

bopang42 at gmail dot com

Research interests: Natural Language Processing, Social Media, Machine Learning

Selected publications [at Google Scholar]

    • Monograph: Bo Pang and Lillian Lee. Opinion mining and sentiment analysis.
      Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval 2(1-2), pp. 1-135, July 2008

    • Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Lillian Lee, Bo Pang, Jon Kleinberg.
      Echoes of power: Language effects and power differences in social interaction. WWW'12

    • Nilesh Dalvi, Ravi Kumar, and Bo Pang.
      Object matching in tweets with spatial models. WSDM'12

    • Deepak Agarwal, Bee-Chung Chen, and Bo Pang.
      Personalized recommendation of user comments via factor models. EMNLP'11

    • Sharad Goel, Andrei Broder, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Bo Pang.
      Anatomy of the long tail: Ordinary people with extraordinary tastes. WSDM'10

    • Ravi Kumar, Jasmine Novak, Bo Pang, Andrew Tomkins.
      On anonymizing query logs via token-based hashing. WWW'07

    • Bo Pang and Lillian Lee.
      A sentimental education: Sentiment analysis using subjectivity summarization based on minimum cuts. ACL'04

    • Bo Pang, Kevin Knight, and Daniel Marcu.
      Syntax-based alignment of multiple translations: Extracting paraphrases and generating new sentences. NAACL'03

    • Bo Pang and Lillian Lee, and Shivakumar Vaithyanathan.
      Thumbs up? Sentiment classification using machine learning techniques. EMNLP'02
      2018 Test-of-Time Paper on Computational Linguistics, 2002-2012