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Screensaver Manager


Screensaver Manager
allows user to manage screensavers(the images shown on the screen while Boox is in standby status).

It is a utility to workaround lack of screensaver configuration tool in Onyx Boox firmware(v1.1 2009/10/27 and earlier versions).

Pay attention to the pictures you want to add as screensaver, Onyx Boox currently only supports PNG pictures of 600 x 800 pixels as screensaver. In current release of Screensaver Manager(v0.1 build20091107), pictures don't meet the requirement will be ignored. We plan to support auto-resizing and cropping in future releases. 


  • Add pictures to screensaver library
  • Remove pictures from screensaver library
  • Preview screensavers on-the-fly

Screenshot Slideshow


For more files, please visit Downloads page.