Kayoko Nakajima

Kayoko Nakajima is a dancer, composer, musician and cat lover. She is a contact improvisation teacher http://www.contactimprov.net/jams/show/15099, a Laban Certified Movement Analyst, an ACE certified personal trainer, a certified Pilates instructor, and holds a BA in Dance from the University of North Texas.   

She has been a creative partner in the multimedia performance companies Metafarm, Shua Group, and Stochastic Ensemble.  She has collaborated with numerous visual artists and musicians, including composer Phil Winsor, artist/photographer Fred Hatt.   

Kayoko has studied and practiced improvisational dance and Contact Improvisation for over fifteen years with K.J. Horms, Jeff Bliss, Ray Chang,  Kirsti Simson, finding excitement in improvisational performance. Her works are performed at the Movement Research Judson Church, the Tank, the Seeds Festival, and the Field. She has been creating videos with Fred Hatt and her own to capture the focused details of the body/movement and compose into new forms.  She has composed pieces of music for her performance and video works with MIDI and GarageBand. 

She produced evening long multi sensory show “Afterimage” at Salomon Arts Gallery Tribeca in May, 2010 with incorporating video, live music, contact improvisation, baking, and sound score. She will present her new 40 min. long theater piece with two Japanese performing artists at the10th TheaterX International Dance +Theater Festival IDTF2012 in Tokyo, Japan this June.  

At this Festival, Kayoko presents her new project: ARt Seeds to ARt Spouts Project on Feb. 18. at Cumbe blog: http://seedstosproutsproject.wordpress.com/ and "Black dress dance in the water" her debut as a video artist from Feb. 2~16 at CSV.