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Bootleg Movie Download: The Scourge of the Entertainment Industry

Thanks to the internet, people now have easy access to different kinds of information. Everyday, almost everyone living in developed countries depends on the internet for communication, information and also for entertainment. If you love watching movies, you will find a lot of it available in the internet for sale and for download.

However, there are also illegal websites that caters to a lot of people with bootleg movie downloads. What this means is that the movie is released even before the DVD copy hits the shelves in the market. The worst thing about this is that the movie industry will not get a single cent for the downloads because most of the copies of the bootleg movie is available for download for free.

Although this may prove to be very convenient for a lot of people, it is illegal and should not be encouraged. It is a fact that everyone wants to obtain things for free. However, file sharing programs and disreputable websites are now providing ways for people to get a free copy of the movie which the producer won't get profits from.

Most of the time, downloadable files are shared through P2P networks. If you remembered the time of Napster, then you have an idea on how the files are shared in the internet. You have to consider the fact that this kind of file downloading is not only illegal, but it is also very dangerous. This is because the movie is copied from another user. If you are copying the bootleg copy of the movie from a user who has a computer virus or has spyware software installed in their computer, then there is a great chance that your computer will also be infected with these malicious software programs.

It is recommended that you should try and download movies from reputable movie download website. In these websites, you can be sure that you will only download the movies and there will be no malicious software included with the download.

Also, bootleg movie downloads are usually low in quality. Sometimes, because there is still no release of the DVD and it is still on cinemas, the quality is usually video camera quality taken from a movie theater or from a projector screen. The sad thing about this is that sometimes you will see silhouette of people standing up carrying popcorns and soft drinks. This can really ruin your viewing pleasure.

It is much better if you should wait for the DVD quality movie to become available on stores rather than put up with a lousy quality bootleg movie download that were taken from theaters. Although you may not be the first one to see the movie, you will be able to fully enjoy watching the movie with quality pictures and also quality sound.

When you download bootleg movies, you will not only experience bad picture quality, but you will also experience terrible sound quality. Since most bootleg movies are taken from theaters, you will usually hear people speaking and laughing or shouting. This will ruin your viewing experience as you will never really understand what the movie was all about since you will not be hearing what the characters are talking about.

These are the things you should remember the next time you think of downloading bootleg movies. Not only will you not fully enjoy or even understand what the movie is all about, but downloading bootleg movies are also illegal and is part of the anti piracy law. In fact, you can even get fined for up to ten thousand dollars plus imprisonment just by possessing a downloaded file of the bootleg movie in your computer.

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