Cast Album 2

LATFS: This was complete immobilization of the hand and arm.  The cast did not come out so pretty, but it was very restrictive!  Unfortunately, I could only wear it for about 24 hours.


Finally, my first real chance for publicking has come.  It was during a business trip, where I had the Sunday to myself.  There was no one I knew in the area - the opportunity was perfect.

The only problem was that I only had three rolls of plaster.  The cast came out pretty strong, but not very uniform.  Also, it was not tight enough above the elbow.  It was very comfortable, however, and I was quite sad to take it off (I seriously considered wearing it to the business meeting on Monday, but there was too much chance of getting discovered).

I wore the cast from Sunday around noon to Monday morning (I wore it to breakfast in the hotel and then took it off).  It really left a taste for more...

This was my first time driving a car in a cast.  During the drive, I had to pass through several toll booths (where I paid cash of course).  It was nice to see the toll employees going our of their way to help (especially since it was my left arm in the cast).

Driving in the cast was fun, as I felt the cast constantly, especially when taking turns, signaling, etc.

While I was on the way out of the store, I carried a plastic bag in my left hand (it's nice to feel the weight just hanging there, like on a hook.)  The security guy asked me "how can you carry anything while having a broken arm?"  I was very surprised at the approach and just went "it's not just bad anymore."

LATS Publicking Session

Second LATS Publicking: This was going to be (and it was) my best LATS so far.  I had the time, I had the materials (enough plaster, stockinet, and padding), and I was going to wear it for a few days.

Most importantly, only a few days have passed from the previous cast, so I had the experience fresh in my mind.  I was going to make this cast both comfortable and beautiful, and also make it go very high on my arm and be as tight as I can above the elbow, which was a problem with the previous cast.  I also wanted to get a clearer separation between thumb and fingers than in the previous cast.

As an additional twist (excuse the pun), I turned my wrist all the way outward, to a not-quite-natural position, which made the cast more restrictive and also made it felt constantly.

I added several layers of loungettes, which made the cast very strong.  It definitely came out the strongest, pretty, smooth, uniform, and comfortable cast I have ever made.

Second LATS Publicking

I put on this LATS-SATS combo myself.  I started with a SAC on my right arm.  This gave me enough freedom to apply a LAC to my left arm.  Finally, I added thumb spicas to both hands, which made everything ever-more restrictive.

I used Gypsona plaster, which was very high quality.  I used warm water, and the cast got very hard within about an hour.  I used loungettes for enforcement.

I took the casts off by standing in the hot shower for about 30 minutes, getting them soft; but it was still hard work.

Definitely, my most satisfying casting to date.


Following is my first attempt at a Hip Spica.  This is a SHS in Plaster.  I was surprised at how much more restrictive it was than a LLC!

Single Hip Spica