Bring more apps to Haiku

This website contain software related to Haiku operating system, especially multiplatform software, like QT and OpenJDK stuff. If you are interested to collaborate in any way, send suggestions or if you are a developer which want port your applications on Haiku, feel free to contact me.

Also check news to see if a new application that you need is here :-)

Why non native software?

Obviously native software is better ;-) But not everyone have skills to write software from scratch.
Instead, bring multiplatform software can be a more simple process (soon I will publish an how-to).
Currently on Haiku, since there is few native software, i have decided to bring and port non-native applications (which have available sources), to extend the possibilities of every day use with Haiku. So, on Haiku you can port QT and java software, thanks to OpenJDK and QT framework.
Keep also in mind the availability of haikuporter:
In this video you can see some of these apps in action. To watch this youtube video under Haiku you can use this application