How to Solve Are reviews of all new updates posted somethere? Problems

Questions:I'm new to the forum and know the answer to my question may well be somewhere in the posts; however, I've searched with all the search words/phrases I can think of w/o success. For the first time in my use of computers (starting with the TRS 80), I've decided to not accept automatic updates. I'd love to find a forum, thread, corner of a forum, where someone very knowledgeable posts their evaluation of each update. I'd want to read those reviews before I install. I'm perfectly willing to wait a reasonable amount of time before I install the update. I know the IT folks where I work often take a long time before installing updates, so they may be doing the same thing.

Is there such a thread on this forum? This site looks like it includes a lot of very capable, serious, Windows 7 people. If not here, is there another site that has information like that?

I'm reinstalling Win 7 pro 64 bit on a Dell M4800 precision workstation and have started over about 4 times after encountering various problems - some of which I now know, in retrospect, weren't as fatal as I thought (e.g. black screen of death - I started trying to install all 230 updates at once - kept whittling down the list till at times I was installing only 1 at a time. I've since seen on this site the black screen of death solution, that I wish I'd known about earlier).

When I started deciding to make my own decisions about installing updates I was appalled to learn about all the Windows 10 stuff that I can avoid by being careful which updates I install.

I'm really impressed by what I see here. I'm hoping to become a productive member of the community.


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