Modded D2NT v1.7.2 + NTBot v3.6M2

    *This is NOT undetectable, use at your own risk!

    Make sure you are using the correct guide for your version of NTBot.
    After the download, the files need to be extracted (unzipped). These files do not automatically come inside a folder, so you will need to make one. The JS32.dll file, located with the other dll files, NEEDS to be put in your system32 folder (my computer -> local disk (C:) -> windows folder -> system32 folder [sysWOW64 if using 64bit vista]). The D2NT file can be extracted to anywhere on your local disc EXCEPT your Diablo II folder or sub-folders, and should not be placed on your desktop; has given many users many troubles on the desktop.
(This version of the bot unfortunately comes with alot of junk. Junk files are as follows: Building_Online_Stores_With_OsCommerce_Pro_[eBook].pdf, 1MB picture.jpg; which both may be deleted. The rest belong to the bot.)

    Now that they are in the right place, its time for set-up. The most popular bot char is the Hammerdin, so we will use him. Open your D2NT folder (all files can be opened with Notepad) and proceed as follows: scripts folder -> libs folder -> config folder. Since we are using the Hammerdin, we need to modify the paladin config file (this version has a config for each char). First of all, it needs to be renamed. Default is: NTConfig_Paladin.ntl, when renaming it you need to add _your_char_name. End result should be NTConfig_Paladin_your_char_name.ntl. For an Example: NTConfig_Paladin_Yay_Botname (underscores are accepted). Now open the file for the config!

// "Script & Boss Configuration":\\
    NTBot supports the following bosses/areas: Bishibosh, Rakanishnu, Tristam, Blood Raven, The Mausoleum, The Crypt, The Pits, Tamoe Highlands, Countess, The Smith, Andariel, Radament, Ancient Tunnels, Summoner, Fire Eye, Tal Rasha's Tomb, Duriel, Travincal, Mephisto (council members), Hephasto, Diablo, Thresh Socket, Eldritch, Shenk,  Dac Farren, Pindleskin, Nihlathak, Frozenstein, Frozen River, Glacial Trail, Icy Cellar, Baal. Also includes public Baal, Diablo, and Tombs. Nilly and pindle can both be done based on whether you have the wp, or still have the portal.
    First up are the public mode messages.
Baal_WelcomeMessage = "Welcome to my baal runs!"                  //What to say at beginning of game.
Baal_TpUpMessage = "TP up. Might be hot!"                         //What to say when bot opens TP.
Baal_KillBaalMessage = "Let's kill baal! Sorcs, please static."   //What to say after last wave, before entering chamber.
Baal_NextGameMessage = "NG!"                                      //What to say after killing Baal.
NTConfig_BRWisperToFriendList = true;                         //Set to true to whisper GN+PW to your friend list.
    These all work at about the same times throughout all 3 public run types. Of course, you may change these to whatever you wish; and that "BRWisperToFriendList = true;" may get annoying to some of your friend listed buddies. You will need to watch it to see when your messages are typed out, some maybe too early, and some may end up late. 

    For the bosses that go with the public messages, they are all self explanatory. Again, set them as you like. To disable a boss, insert a semi-colon (;) in front of the main boss line (as shown below to make public Baal runs).
;NTConfig_Script.push("NTPublicDiablo.ntj");   // Uncomment (remove "//" at beginning of line) to do public Diablo runs.
  NTConfig_MakeTpOnStartChaosSanctuary = false;  // Set to true to make TP when entering Chaos Sanctuary.
  NTConfig_MakeTpOnPentagramCenter = true;     // Set to true to make tp on Diablo's pentagram.
NTConfig_Script.push("NTPublicBaal.ntj");    // Uncomment to do public Baal runs.
  NTConfig_PublicKillBaal = true;            // Set to true to kill Baal, false to only kill minions.
;NTConfig_Script.push("NTPublicTalRashasTomb.ntj"); // Uncomment to do public Tomb runs.
    The next section is set up by the act and which boss comes first. Some may not work to your liking, and those are disabled the same way as above. All extensions (secondary bosses/actions) are explained in the config.

// "Chicken, Merc & Others Parametrs Configuration": \\
    Next comes the chicken settings/delays. Most default settings work for users, but sometimes they need to be changed based on other things, as realm down sometimes kicks in.

// "Inventory Configuration":\\
    Next comes the inventory. I believe the default looks somewhat like the following:
NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0,0];

The zeros (0) represent your torch, tome of tp, and other charms that need to stay in your inventory. The ones (1) represent the free space that you are allowing the bot to use as he mf's for items. You need to change this in accordance to your in game inventory. (The key does not matter where it is or if its set to 1 or 0, this is for the bot if you want to open chests... addressed later on in the guide.)
     This setup would be set as:
NTConfig_Columns[0] = [1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[1] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[2] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];
NTConfig_Columns[3] = [1,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0];

    After this is set, we move on to the belt and potions. There are two sections for this. The first tells the bot which potions to use.
NTConfig_BeltColType[0] = "hp";
NTConfig_BeltColType[1] = "mp";
NTConfig_BeltColType[2] = "rv";
NTConfig_BeltColType[3] = "rv";

    If you wish to use all rejuvs, simply change the "hp" and "mp" so it says "rv".The next part tells the bot when to refill the belt at a merchant. However, as you cannot buy rejuvs from the merchants, if you wish t use rejuvs, it should look as follows:

NTConfig_BeltColMin[0] = 4;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[1] = 4;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[2] = 0;
NTConfig_BeltColMin[3] = 0;
// "SnagIt Configuration":\\// "Gamble Configuration":\\
    The next section deals with what pickit lists you want the bot to read, Same as with the bosses, // means the bot wont read that list. 
    The section after, is the cubing config. This section is defaulted to not read it (NTConfig_Cubing = false;). For most of this, I believe it to be a waste of space as it will need to store all the runes/gems waiting to be cubed, but cubing the flawless gems into perfect can come in handy. 
    The next section (gambling) is also set to not read. Simply change the false to true, and enable/disable what you want and dont want.

// "Paladin Attack Configuration" \\
    The last section sets the attack and the attack aura. As a Hammerdin, your attack is Blessed Hammer, and your attack aura is Concentration. The last section, when finished should look something like this:
 NTConfig_PutAura = 113;  // What aura do you want to use on attack. Set to 0 if you won't
 NTConfig_AttackSkill[0] = 0; // Cast your first spell once. Set to 0 if you won't
 NTConfig_AttackSkill[1] = 112; // Cast your primary spell to boss.
 NTConfig_AttackSkill[2] = 112; // Cast your primary spell to others.
 NTConfig_AttackSkill[4] = 0; // Cast your secondary spell if monster is immune to your primary spell. Set to 0 if you won't

    Aren't you proud of yourself! We're almost done. Now it is time to make your bots profile. Run the D2Nt Manager. Click on the Add button. Now fill in the required information. Cdkey is not required, and you can specify the game name with it increasing in small incraments. After that, press the save button, make sure you have all your wps and your good to go...