Diagnosed 3/28/2012,
Diagnosis BG: 421(US)/23.4(Int'l).
OTJ: June 7, 2012

Current Treatment
-low-carb wet-food (President's Choice; Friskies)
-Mellit herbal drops for diabetic cats
-chromium (for blood-sugar regulation)
-vitamin C (for overall health & dental/gum issues)
-colloidal silver (for anti-infection & dental health)
-lecithin granules (for liver health)
-psyllium husks (for constipation)
-pumpkin (for constipation)
-homeopathy: Alloxan 30C (in 33% alcohol), from Ainsworths, UK (10 drops shaken in 500 ml of water; several Tbs of mixture added to wet food BID) -- (for pancreatic-cell regeneration)
-Reiki (energy healing)
-lots of cuddles

Important Notes
Boo eats more at night, thus, his whole-day Nadir is BEFORE his PMPS
Two Beans care for Boo meaning there is a good chance one of us is awake at all hours
Boo likes to exercise by chasing his sister around. She exercises by trying to run away
We tested Boo's sister. Her numbers, at that time, were the identical low as Boo had.

Using Lantus since the start
Boo is apx 9 years old
Transitioned from Dry to Wet.
Boo eats whenever he wants (free fed)
Aviva Accu-Check meter. 
Backup meter from other company in the mail. (never arrived?)
Boo's sister: Scout, fluffier and far gentler
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Vidya (mum) Prefers to keep data offline due to line of work.
Teddy (dad) Nick J Boragina AKA "TheNewTeddy" online (facebook, twitter, etc)