Artist Guidelines

Boonton Arts invites you to become a part of an exciting public art project. Dog Days of Summer is a unique opportunity for artists and individuals to use their talents for the benefit of the community. animals in need, and the arts. Sponsors supply the dog or cat you provide the idea and transform a blank dog or cat form into a work of art. The finished sculptures will grace the town of Boonton from May through September 2018 and will be available for adoption at Boonton Arts' Etsy store. This call to artists is open to artists of any level. All approved submissions will be available for sponsorship at the Dog Days of Summer Sponsorship Reception. The Dog Days of Summer committee will then choose select designs not sponsored to remain available for sponsorship on Etsy following the reception.

- Download the appropriate Artist's Packet here:
    or at the bottom of this page 

- Then Click here to register and upload your design(s) and paperwork when ready. Completed original designs can also be mailed to Boonton Arts, 816 Main Street Boonton, NJ 07005 but the online registration form must still be completed. Registrations and designs must be received by February 6, 2018.

Artists also have the opportunity to create a dog or cat from scratch, rather than using a blank fiberglass dog or cat. The submission process for the DIY dogs or cats would be the same as for the fiberglass dogs or cats. A concept drawing or photos of the finished dog or cat and a proposal would need approval from Boonton Arts. DIY design proposals and examples are due no later than February 6, 2018. DIY Artists need to also fill our the artist and copyright agreements in the 2018 Dog Days of Summer Adult Artist Packet or 2018 Dog Days of Summer Student Artist Packet then upload them along with your designs to the online registration form.

The dogs and cats become available for sponsorship at a reception and showcase taking place February 13th at Speakeasy Art Gallery as well as online at Boonton Arts' Etsy store. Once sponsored, the artists who created the design will be contacted and pick up their blank dog or cat to begin work. The completed dogs and cats must be dropped off at Speakeasy Art Gallery Thursdays through Saturdays from 11am-5pm, or by appointment no later than April 17, 2018. Outdoor sculptures require time to be clear-coated and photographed, therefore finished sculptures must be dropped off by the deadline.

When the dogs and cats are completed and unveiled on May 4th, they will attract viewers from all over the county and beyond. For the duration of the summer, the dogs and cats are available at Boonton Art's Etsy store for a donation benefiting the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, 11th Hour Rescue, NorthStar Pet Rescue, Boonton Arts, local schools and artists. Any sculptures that are not purchased by the end of the summer are then auctioned at the Boonton Arts Dog Days of Summer Art Auction & Closing Reception in October. One-third of the donation for adopted dogs will be paid to the artist. In the case of student designs, one-third of the donation for adopted dogs will go to the school that they attend. 


To do before February 6, 2018
___ Download the appropriate Artist's Packet here:
or at the bottom of this page
___ Create a sketch of your concept
___ Click here to register and upload your design(s) and agreements when ready, 
you may also mail it to Boonton Arts, 816 Main Street, Boonton NJ 07005 
(Please consider sending in your original design if you would like to donate it to the Art Auction)

Timeline of Events

February 6, 2018 - Artist Concept Drawing and Registration Due 

February 13, 2018 - Sponsor Party & Artist's Reception

February 14, 2018 - April 17, 2018 - Production of Dog and Cat Sculptures

April 17, 2018 - Last Day for Dog/Cat Drop Off

May 4th, 2018 - Dog Days of Summer 2017 Opening Reception

Adult Design Templates

Large Breeds
(textured finish - 28.35"Hx10.25"Wx44"L)

Irish Setter
(textured finish - 34.25"Hx11.45"Wx47.25"L)

Sitting Labrador
(textured - 26"Lx15"Wx 32"H)

(textured - 40"Lx13"Wx 36"H)

Belgian Malinois
(textured - 38"Lx9"Wx 35"H)

Mid-Size Breeds

Sitting Pup
(smooth finish - 21"Lx11"Wx22"H)

Standing Pup
(smooth finish - 23"Lx11"Wx19"H)

Playful Pup
(smooth finish - 29"Lx7"Wx17"H)

Staffordshire Terrier
(textured finish - 18"Lx12.5"Wx21.75"H)

(textured finish - 34"Lx11"Wx27"H)

(textured finish - 32"Lx11"Wx20"H)

Small Breed

(textured finish - 34"Lx8"Wx18"H)

Puppies & Cats

Pug Puppy
(textured finish - 14.17"Lx6.25"Wx11"H)

Bulldog Puppy
(textured finish - 15"Lx11"Wx14"H)

Rottweiler Puppy
(textured finish - 16.5"Lx10"Wx14"H)

Husky Puppy
(textured finish 17"Lx11"Wx14.5"H)

Fancy Cat
(smooth finish - 10"Lx12"Wx15"H)

Cat Walking
(smooth finish 19"Lx5"Wx1.5"H)

Student Design Templates

Large Breeds

(smooth finish - 21"Hx8"Wx12"L)

Student Labrador
(smooth finish - 19"Hx7.5"Wx11"L)

Small Breeds

Boston Terrier
(smooth finish - 8"Lx5"Wx11"H)

Student Dachshund
(smooth finish - 10.5"Lx4"Wx8"H)

Student Chihuahua
(textured finish - 12"Lx6.75"Wx6"H)

Small Sitting Cat
(smooth finish - 5.5" x 4.75" x 10.75")

Boonton Arts,
Jan 11, 2018, 8:21 PM
Boonton Arts,
Jan 11, 2018, 8:21 PM