Uncle Walt's 50/50 Contest 2011

Boone’s Dock Press

Contest 1


Boone’s Dock Press is pleased to announce Uncle Walt’s 50/50 chapbook contest.  The guidelines are as follows:


The Concept

This is a proper 50/50 contest.  Remember the raffle at the church supper?  It’s just like that.  We collect all of the entry fees, cut out the printing costs and split the cash with the winner.  We also add ten author copies to the winnings and let poets keep the rights to their work after the first print run, just because that’s how we think Walt would have done it. 


What we like

We are not bound to any particular form, subject matter, or style, but are interested specifically in the quality of the poems in the manuscript.  We hope to see a strong poetic voice that is both timely and timeless.  Above all, we think these two are the qualities of any great art, and we will strongly consider all manuscripts that display both for publication, regardless of the contest’s outcome.


Length and Format Requirements

Please submit titled manuscripts from 32-36 pages, with each poem beginning on a new page.  Your manuscript should have a cover page (not included in page count), which bears your manuscript’s title and your name, address, email address and phone number.  Manuscripts must be submitted as email attachments in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).  Only electronic submissions will be accepted.


Your email should be composed as follows:

            Subject line – Your Name, CONTEST SUBMISSION

            Body Text – This should include a salutation, message and closing, just to prove you are worth your salt as a human being.  However, it must include the title of your manuscript, a phone number, your email address and a confirmation number for electronic payment (credit card/PayPal), or a note to let us know that your payment (check or money order) has been mailed.


Submit your manuscript to boonesdock5050@gmail.com.


The Basics

Reading Period:            1 January 2011 through 1 April 2011


Entry Fee:                     $15.00 (USD)


Payment:                      Check or Money Order to Boone’s Dock Press

                                                                        235 Ocean Avenue

                                                                        Amityville, New York 11701

                                    Secure online payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal