Here is a list of the books that Boone's Dock Press currently produces.
We always have something in the works, so be sure to visit again soon!

True Stories from the Future
is a collection of poems by Anatoly Molotkov,
winner of the 2011 Uncle Walt's Chapbook Contest.
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Jumping Over the Moon
is a collection of poetry from George Wallace, 
one of Paumanok's Finest!
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Stark Raving Calm
is a collection of poems from J. Barrett Wolf,
a legend of the poetic lifestyle and excellent human being. 
We recommend his work to all who appreciate the work of the true wordsmith. 

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 The Empyrean Mapmaker's Primer (2011) 
is a collection of poetry by Kempton B. Van Hoff
that delves deeply into the personal relationship with society and the divine
through innovative and exploratory free verse. 
It demonstrates the process of mapping one's own heaven, 
which is at times difficult, always incredible and, without a doubt, "unmistakably bright." 
To quote one reader: The Empyrean Mapmaker's Primer is "a must-have
for anyone who hopes to understand the oneness of the universe." 
That's strong language, but we have to agree with her statement.  








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Onious Skies is a chapbook of experimental poetry By Kempton B. Van Hoff that is both
a work of innovation in language and a nod to ancient wisdom.
Cassandra Complex
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Cassandra Complex, by Kelly Powell, is a
chapbook which explores life's greater themes through poetry.