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Boone’s Dock Press
Boone's Dock Press
has suspended operations
for strategic planning and creative development 
until January 2013.
 Until then,
May your journey be peaceful and prosperous!
(While you're here, feel free to investigate the site and read about our mission.)
About BDP: 

Boone’s Dock Press originated in a moment of pure inspiration, and we seek to bring that authenticity to everything we produce and promote.  We are fully committed to assisting those who produce great work, which, to quote a friend of the press, is: “exactly what the people never knew they wanted and needed.”  Our mission goes far beyond publishing books and promoting great writers and artists.  We are driven by a comprehensive philosophy that requires strict attention to detail, visionary demonstrations of artistic capability and elevated consciousness, environmental responsibility, financial responsibility and service to humanity.  These are a grand set of principles, we know, and we undertake to grow into them joyfully.  If you are interested to know more, please see our "principles and rationales" page for more on how these components of our mission manifest in action. 

Principles and Rationales

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We use only sustainable methods of production.
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