This is the home of the BOOM soccer team.  BOOM plays in the Kickers Soccer League over-35 division.

Game Schedules
Go to the Availability/Schedules page to mark your availability and see the schedules at the KSL website.

Next Game
Date: October 22, 2017 at 1pm
Location: Kickers 16950 W 50th Ave, Golden, CO
Teams: Golden Hotspurs vs BOOM
Field Directions:

Player Registration (in Spring only for players that didn't register in the Fall)

Go to  click on Player Registration and follow along.  If you do the registration on your phone, then when it gets to the picture you can click a button to take a picture from your phone, crop and upload, or find an existing photo on your phone or PC.  Cost is $14 and registration lasts for both Fall and Spring.

The pertinent info you need for registration is:

League: Denver Kickers League, Division: Men’s Over 35, Team: BOOM

Fall 2017 Player Team Fees

$70 for full-time players, $45 for part-time - via cash or check - please contact me for payment details.