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bonsai tree Healthy aging gets boost from humor, laughter, and fun

Late Comedian George Carlin's prescription for boomer health and longevity - be happy!

By John "Boomer" Leighty

The late humorist George Carlin had this sage advise for healthy, happy aging: “Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down."

George Carlin

Skits of Carlin's longevity tips for a graying generation emphasized laughing often, long, and loud, enjoying simple things, and acknowledging the people and nostalgic things you love. In other words,livewell, be active and grow old in a happy state of mind.

Geriatric Drift

SENIOR TSUNAMI: The U.S. population aged 65 and older is estimated to grow from 35 Million in 2000 to 78 million in 2050 and those aged 85 and older will increase from 4 million to 31.2 million.

- American Geriatrics Society

Carlin's advise was to enjoy the golden years and do fun things you enjoy such as gardening, arts and crafts, or smart hobbies that keeps your brain active with new ideas. You also need to eat nutritious food, exercise regularly and learn to endure grief on the road to achieving a happy and full life.

"Laugh until you gasp for breath,” the comic quipped in his 'growing older' nightclub routine that fits with our BOOMERbeat Humor blog that focuses on the weird, funny and zany as the psychedelic-era baby boomers are thrust into the twilight zone of their retirement years.

“Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever,” was Carlin’s healthy aging activity advice for boomer longevity and peace of mind. “Your home is your refuge."

Carlin rant: The American Dream

"There’s a reason education sucks ... same reason it will never, ever, ever be fixed. Don't look for it ... won’t happen because the owners of this country don’t want that.

"I’m talking about the real owners -- the big wealthy business owners who make all the decisions, own all the important land, all the corporations, and all the big media companies so they control the information you receive and use.

The American Dream

Roulette Wheel

"You have no choice. You have owners.

"They own you. They got you by the balls."

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Boomertrip Express is your ticket to ride into a healthy future with whistle stops at:

-- Get Fit Depot: Stay energetic and flexible in your senior years with a Yoga, Tai Chi or Aerobic-type workout each day - along with some muscle-stress activities such as weight-lifts or push-ups to maintain balance and strength. Use it or lose it.

-- Fresh Food Garden: You are what you eat. Grow your own nutritious veggies and demonstrate against genetically modified foods and Monsanto seeds - join the boomer boycott and feel the juices flow.

Red Apple

-- Happiest states to live in: See which states rank highest for boomers to live in based on six categories of well-beinglife evaluation, emotional health, work environment and job satisfaction, physical health, healthy behavior and safe and easy access to community, healthcare and outdoor activities like brisk 30-minute walks.

There is also a research comfort zone of medical trends and health studies with tips to slow effects of aging and a focus on personalized medicine, genetic body maps and some good times rock 'n roll flashbacks.

All Aboard: Bring balloons, beach balls and books.

Join your socially-conscious peers and check out the Top 10 lists for a healthy aging future while journeying to a magical landscape of senior sensibilities, boomer humor, creative fitness, anti-aging activities and longevity lifestyle influences.

Magic Bus


Ken Kesey’s LSD-dosed Merry Pranksters turned Haight-Ashbury into a psychedelic haven for the home-grown Grateful Dead band and an A-list of rock n' rollers. From coast-to-coast, a young Bob Dylan's folk anthem rang true, The Times They Are A Changin.


Riding The Baby Boom Express

Welcome aboard the Boomertrip Express for a healthy dose of humor, aging advise, and positive vibes. I’m dispensing free "health-nik" tickets to the riders of the big Baby Boom generation “bubble” who have turned 65. 
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I’m slightly ahead of the pack in my journalistic journey to pave the way with well-researched facts, statistics and original articles and views for this decade's initial wave of Boomers – those who were college age when a youth revolution swept the country a half-century ago. Vietnam anti-war protests closed universities as students burned draft cards and clashed with riot-clad police.  Human Be-In Poster


In San Francisco, the flower-child movement blossomed  into the 1968 Summer of Love and free “Human Be-In” festival in marijuana hazy Golden Gate Park.





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