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I publish my comics at my blog first and then gather them here for collection. If you would like the RSS feed for new comics, you can get it here and add it to your RSS Reader.

If you want to start at the very first comic that was published and then follow the hyperlinked trail of comics, you can start here.

The Boolean Squared Archive:

 These comics are grouped by subject and story arc. Some topics are multiple comics; some are single comics.

 FreeJunk Blabber The Test
 Reading Principal Penn
 Circle Time
 Math All Day
 ASCII-ing for Trouble
 Cylene the Cyborg The Virus Play
 Digital Stories
 Writing in a Digital Age
 App Challenge
 Naming Boolean
 Green Day Math
 Flat World
 Bully Boys
 Little Green Machine
 Back to School
 Firewall Digital Natives
 Summer Plans
 Star Tech
 Funk the Llama
 Essay Revolt
 Smartypants Board
 The One
 Digital Immigrants
 Digital Insult
 Children of the Screen
 Research Project
 Professional Development
 Open House
 Difference Between us
 Our School
 Book Report
 Bender versus Cylons
 Introducing: Jenni Peg

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