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Recent Statistics views  for my book trailers as of July 29th 2015.

Out of 12 trailers there are 9977 views with and average of 831 views and a range from 140 views to 2904 views. 






 A RainbowCloud Company. "Follow That Rainbow To A Pot Of  Success."

Below  is a trailer I made for my own company Rainbow Cloud Tutoring and Test Preparation
 where I am showcasing my resources, books, and videos all in one video trailer. In other words , BRANDING.

Examples of book trailers and business trailers below. 

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Sure, almost anyone can make their own Book Trailer Video if they have the extra time.

However, will it be professional?

Can you take a chance that you might steer more people away from your book,

rather than towards it?

Did you not use a professional editor when you authored your book??? 

Of course you did. Same too with a book trailer video. 

If there is one thing I learned about making book trailers, there is a difference between

 home made and professionally made. 



Entertaining Video Trailers for Books / Business 

*Promote your book/business, it’s about human connections

*Capture the concept & establish presence

*Drive traffic to your author site  - business page

*Use your book trailer on Facebook, emails, YouTube, LinkedIn. 

*Show your trailer at an author talk /signing. 

*Place your Book Trailer on Amazon.com's author site. 

*Have your book reviewed on Amazon.com.

 With new QR code technology your Video  Book Trailer / advert can be used with a  "video send out card" for a successful  marketing campaign. You can send out  video greeting cards with your trailer embedded  or show your book trailer by card to someone with a smartphone. You do not need a computer with you anymore to show a YOUTUBE video book trailer. Here I show how it looks using my book trailer for my memoir  "Leaving Home Going Home Returning Home: A Hebrew American's Sojourn In The Land Of Israel."

 Other options for your book trailer video card and QR code marketing.

You can print your book with a QR code on the cover,  linked to your book trailer.

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Jason Alster gives talk to Connecticut authors and Publishers

on making, editing, and marketing Video BookTrailers.

Please visit Jason Alster on his show " Meet The Author" on WCTV14 where Jason interviews leading Connecticut and award winning authors


A book trailer is when your book becomes an entertaining mini movie that promotes the book hoping to entice the viewer to purchase a copy.  A book trailer is a tool to help the author establish presence by driving traffic to the author site. This can be done by placing the trailer on YouTube and then embed the trailer in emails, social networks, web-pages, blogs and DVD for showings at author signings.  A good book trailer will succeed in capturing the concept and mood of the book and as a result increase interest in the book. So will using appropriate words for internet search engines and the right photos to hook the viewer immediately.  The big question is “Do book trailers really increase sales.” Well, do advertisements lead to sales?  A book trailer is a small advert that is. Why yes, if they are used as part of a package to brand the author, and if the book has content that people are interested in. A professional that makes book trailers is a “book trailer designer”. They will usually have you answer a set of questions that will help them determine what look the trailer will have.  Some sample questions may be “Who is your main audience”; what impact will the book have on its readers”; what can be learned from the book?” A book trailer also allows for the human connection as viewers may leave comments and the numbers of viewers may be followed. A strategy used to increase presence is to have a series of trailers for a book like one of the book content, another has an author reading, followed by the story behind the story or a short author interview.  I personally decided to design book trailers because it will integrate my interests in authoring , publishing , art , networking, and book marketing. I am accepting clients wanting to promote their business in an artistic way.

Package includes -

*One book trailer  of from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

*Interview in person (local) or by SKYPE video conferencing to develop concept.

*Photos or videos must be included. I can edit. 

*For local clients in Connecticut I can also film or photograph if needed -Filming or photo shooting extra. 

*Options to add additional trailers for author readings and or "story behind the story trailers" for special rates.

*Upload to my active Youtube site for added exposure is included.

*Three opportunities to make editing changes. Additional changes at marginal cost.

*Will Deliver your copy on DVD or thumb drive for own use to display and upload.

*Additional booster marketing help for book trailer through my own web pages for extra exposure.  

Video Options

* The Two minute book trailer.

* The Six minute book interview .

* The Ten minute "the story behind the book".   

* Have your book reviewed on Amazon.com

While some book trailer companies have a standard format and charge according to the time of the trailer / teaser with prices as little as $ 250, Rainbow Cloud trailers do not have a fixed format and are personalized to the concept of the book. Still, I like to keep prices in the mid range for the industry. Prices range from $250 to 600$ depending on the requests of the client, length of the video, original materials supplied, and or need for  photo shoot and actors. 

I also do professional book reviews. See below. 

A book review with or without a trailer is 150$ for books up to 350 pages. Please contact Jason Alster  for a quote  at jasonalster@gmail.com.  

Can work by SKYPE. Accept PAYPAL. 

These are examples books reviews I posted on Amazon.com .
In addition to a book trailer, good book reviews are among the best ways to market your book. 

If you ever asked yourself, "Are those people for real, the high rollers and the jackpot winners?" Then this is your kind of book! "Everyone needs money and I am no exception. The only difference between me and you is I am a winner because my desire is so strong I am not afraid of the consequences of winning. You must believe me there are consequences to winning that actually make it undesirable."
"Never let the fear of losing keep you from playing the game." This statement by the author Debbie Kilday,actually, in my opinion, sums up the fantastic read " No Limits : How I Beat The Slots." I personally know Debbie Kilday because she runs the CAPA (Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association) bookstore at the Big E (Eastern States Expo) in the Connecticut pavilion. After getting to know Debbie she told me she won big money ( millions) at the casinos and wanted to write a book one day. I thought two things. One "sure you did, after you bet more than you won" , and two, "what's keeping you from writing a book?" Well, as it turned out, there are consequences to winning and lessons to be learned. For one, to appreciate the full meaning of winning you have to understand the other side- loss. Debbie only began to visit the local casinos close to the age of 50 because her girl friend who had cancer initially took her there for a concert. What she never expected was to win a jackpot that launched her role as a high roller instant celebrity of sorts. The good side was that it was fun, she made new casino friends, danced with the stars like Paul Anka, enjoyed casino perks like hotels, VIP restaurants, private restaurants, and she was able to share her money. She even helped people in need like her friend who had high medical expenses even though she knew she was going to die soon of cancer. She had an ever increasing following as summed up in this statement by a fellow casino player "I think the luck is coming from you, I can almost feel the energy, and I want to play next to you from now on, when I come here." However, another side to winning revealed itself, a dark side. Family and associates called her a "gambler and degenerate," people took advantage, there was unexpected trouble at airports when transporting the cash winnings home, it tested her married life, and there were even attempts at extortion and yes, in the end, having to declare bankruptcy.
All along while reading this amazing book, I kept thinking of the famous Talmudic statement. "If I am only for myself, what am I; if I am not for myself, who will be?" In the end, Debbie made the best investment, in herself, and wrote this revealing memoir. And PS , there are tips on how to win, so get your copy before the casino knows what is happening. 

Start Your Own Tutoring & Test Prep Business: This is the first book I read on starting to look as tutoring as a business. It's wierd because I have been tutoring students for over 15 years very successfully , in another country - Israel. Then when I moved back to the USA I started to offer my services as a tutor and it was hard for me to find students. I was not connected to the local school system. I tried to join online tutoring companies, but that did not go over too well. I was even surprised they would even hire me without even meeting me. Then I advertised internationally for online tutoring at an expensive cost, few answered. I had a webpage made, little response. I put up signs, no response. I joined a networking group and the Chamber of Commerce and little response. I looked into franchises and discovered that there was a set tutoring method that did not fit a creative process in tutoring, so put that on the back burner. After all this effort, I thought I had to find out what was wrong with what I was doing. So as with all cases of not succeeding, you go back to basics. I needed to start from scratch and decided to look up tutoring as a business. I was surprised that there were a few books on tutoring as a business, but "Start Your Own Tutoring and Test Prep Business" is the first I read. I must say that right away I felt more confident I would eventually succeed because of all the eaxmples of the experiences of other tutoring companies. I got to know the competition and what they were doing- it wasn't what I was doing. I found out that tutoring is a very successful business so I was not wrong to continue with it. I also found out that some successful tutors don't waste their money on advertising as I did, they put up booths at fairs and meet their clients away from the school. I found out that I was correct to not go rushing into a school system - where some of the teachers would be my competition- rather speak to the guidance counselors and tell them what I have to offer. I read about the different tutoring niche's I could get into as well as the pro's and con's of internet tutoring vs. personal tutoring. There was much more and I started to read other books on the subject too. All in all, this book is enough to get you to put your tutoring business in perspective, make a business plan, and start to market the business in a focused way, even consider hiring others. It is also easy to read, larger type, and was a fun read too. I would say that while this book is more general and well researched, another book I am reading " Tutoring as a Successful Business" is more from the perspective of the private tutor who wrote it and also very good. 

Well , first I must say that I never expected to write a review for a book on economics- after all, this was a subject I avoided in college going for the
"sciences" instead. However, after living and working in another country- Israel- a country made up like the USA of immigrants from many countries, I began to notice and understand that things were done differently economically outside the USA and that as an American working and having a business in another country I had a hard time adjusting to the different economic ways and rules. Now even though Greenspan is Jewish and Israel is an important ally that he does mention in his book, he mostly talks in his book about the economies of China, Europe and Russia in addition to the economic policies under the different presidents since Nixon. Yet, living in Israel, I got to know many Russian immigrants and other immigrants coming from Arab countries that were not democratic and now living in a democratic country. Thus, it was amazing how Greespan discussed just this transition a country and peoples must grope with, peoples like the Chinese, or what the Russians had to go though to become freer economies - something not unlike what I observed from Israel. Yet, Greenspan knew the leaders of the foreign countries, discussed with them economic principles , and then wrote about it in a language anyone could understand and in an atmosphere of free exchange and objectivity where possible. I just loved this book and would tell anyone interested in America- yes America, because a country thrives according to a good and wise economic policy as Greenspan describes, to read this book. I would also suggest it as mandatory for anyone opening a business overseas. The book, is also an historical insight into the different presidencies through their economic policies. I tried to explain my own observations about working under other economies than the USA in my book "Leaving Home Going Home Returning Home" and I only wished I had read Greenspans book first to use as a referance. This is not a book just for people interested in economics, but as Greenspan intended, a book for people interested in American history.

Book Trailer examples by Rainbow Cloud :


Did you know that if you place your logo or cover of your book on a shirt you will attract more people to author signings?

This is a business advertisement for a Snow Blowing Company. 

A video trailer for an educational video that I released " John Singer Sargent: Secrets of Composition and Design"