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Middle School - B Awards 17'

Middle school students reading Japanese elementary school level books

First Place Award

Book Title: Kagenashi Yama no Rin  

Hokkaido International School

Hana Katayama (Gr. 6)

Maria Ishikawa
(Gr. 6)

This was our first time to make a book trailer. We decided to work together because we thought that two brains were better than on. It was a lot harder than expected. However, we used our creativity and collaboration to create an eye catching and dramatic trailer. It was challenging, but also very fun to make this book trailer. We think that it was good experience, which we can use later on in the future. We hope that it will hook you into the world of mountains so you can enjoy this amazing book, 影なし山のりん.

This is generally a high-quality trailer. Technology and hand-drawn pictures have been fused effectively, and the voice-over gives added suspense. Also, the phrases shown in the trailer are very effective in allowing the audience to understand the story and intrigue them as to what will happen next. 

Second Place Awards
Book TitleKagenashi Yama no Rin

Tsukuba International School
Ayumi Durrant(Gr. 8)

This year I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and decided to read a chapter book other than a picture book. It was hard for me to read the book when there was many kanji, and words I didn’t know, and understand. It was challenging to understand the exact story itself. Also realizing the book had two stories inside. While creating the trailer I had to think of a way to fit two stories into one short trailer.

This trailer has a fantastic combination of hand-drawn pictures and sound effects. Together, they set the tone of the book but also communicate the feelings of the main character. It was unfortunate that there were some obvious mistakes in the Japanese. 

Book Title: Doubutsu Gakkou

Hiroshima International School  
Yoonkyung Kim (Gr. 9
Leela Watt (Gr. 9)

In this video project, we faced many difficulties. One of the main challenges was writing the script. As it was a children's book, the trailer had to be simple yet entertaining enough to appeal to kids. Another problem was drawing pictures in the same style as the book, to make some association with the illustrator. However, this project became a good experience because we don't often read in Japanese. It was a good learning experience.

The hand drawings appear three dimensional and catches viewer's attention. The subtitles are exciting. You succeed in making the audience want to read the book. Adding some narration may help to get more attention from the audience.

Third Place Awards

Book Title: Nyantomo Kurabu

Nishimachi International School  

Gabriel Cantero(Gr. 7

This project was really fun to do. I had a blast spending time with my friends. The fact that I needed to use my jacket as a cat was a bit challenging. I really liked spending time with friends and also at the same time work on Japanese projects. Overall, this project was a very fun to make with my friends. Filming is a great passion of mine so it was very fun to outgo this project.

It was great to see someone actually filming, instead of depending on pictures. How you got around the challenge of having a cat in the cut was also quite creative. It did seem that the clip ended rather abruptly, though. 

Book Title: Tanbo Resutoran

Tsukuba International School  
Franz Luis Estoque(Gr. 8)

The hardest part in the book trailer was deciding the content of the words and the images. For the word content, I decided to take the main parts of the book and end with a question asking the viewers. For the visual content, unlike last year, I only used one drawing and some photos to represent the words. Another problem was the translation as I wanted to accurately show the correct grammar in Japanese.

The picture of the hungry creatures are realistic but cute. It was also a good idea to ask the audience what they thought this restaurant was. It might be a good idea to change the font or color of some texts.  

Book Title: Mezase Doubutsu no Oishasan

Nishimachi International School
Kazuki Miura(Gr. 7)

In the process of making this book trailer, I learned that it is much harder than you expect to commentate on a fast forwarded video you make, or just generally trying to talk about my the novel that I read in Japanese at a pretty fast speed. However I did enjoy making this trailer, and I am proud of my final product.

The narration is clear and articulate, images are very attractive. Good explanation of the book. A briefer summary might make the reader want to read it more.