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Middle School - A Awards 17'

Middle school students reading Japanese middle school level books

First Place Award

Book Title: Boku no, Hikariiro no Enogu 

Tsukuba International School 
Ami Onda(Gr. 6)

This was my first time to make book trailer. In this book trailer, I used read paint so it was hard to edit the part I did on sketchbook. But I tried to make the book trailer's content deeply. For example, in the part that trailer introduce character Yuku I drew tree call Yuku behind. I did my best to tell that 僕のひかり色の絵の具 is good.  

Not only does the student use her own drawing and stop motion technology effectively, but she also uses text to explain the story, and express how the characters destroy art by actually teaching the paper. There is a lot of creativity seen in this work. The narration was also clear and easy to understand. Perhaps you could have stuck to just using hand-drawn pictures and stop-motion technology, instead of relying on the computer at times. 

Second Place Awards
Book Title: Sushi Kuinee

Hiroshima International School
Seiko Yonemata(Gr. 7)

This is my second time of making a book trailer. Last year I made an unforgettable mistake so I made sure that I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. During the process of making the book trailer I used any possible technique, in the field of stop-motion. I chose audio and visuals that will best fit the mood of the book trailer.

Hand-drawn pictures and stop motion technologies is combined well to create a clever trailer, where there is creativity in not just how the characters move, but also how each scene moves on to the next. I am a little uncertain as to whether the summary of the book was presented accurately, but this definitely is an original piece of work.

Book Title: Sushi Kuinee

Tsukuba International School  
Hugo Kwok (Gr. 7)

I overall enjoyed the experience of making the Sakura Medal Book trailer once again. My overall video this year was a very similar format to last year’s book trailer. I did a narration of the book while having supposedly “entertaining” visuals in display. For my narration, not only I added my views and opinions of the book, I tried to be precise as possible to give the audience an interesting view into the book.

Simple and brief sentences appears along with the narration. The music matches the pictures. This is a very creative book trailer that makes the audience want to read the book. Some text at the beginning were hard to read.

Book Title: Sora he

Hokkaido International School  
Ena Kanai (Gr. 6)

This was my first time making a book trailer. I had a hard time changing colors of the words because I did not know what color would stand out the best. I had a good time drawing pictures because I liked to draw and I did not have to look for pictures. It was very challenging but I had a very good experience making a book trailer. I’d like to do it again next year.

There is a good combination of hand-drawn pictures and text. The student choses the phrases well, including key phrases said by the mother and explaining clearly what the story is about. You may want to include some narration to further improve your trailer.

Third Place Awards

Book Title: Utau Ki no Hoshi

Hiroshima International School  
Lino Naruto  (Gr. 7)

I think it is better than last year’s book trailer because I draw all of the pictures and I love my first drawing where Mizuki show on. I draw that scene pretty good where Mikuki’s book and hand move slowly to show she was reading.

This trailer uses beautiful pictures to tell the story, and is also very good at conveying the suspenseful tone towards the end. There were parts where it was difficult to follow the story. 

Book Title: the SIX  Za・Sikkusu

Hiroshima International School  
Amily Mikyu (Gr. 7)

This book is about six children with magical powers, who all had had a hard time in their life. Miraculously, at the end of the story these six children save the lives of two people.In this trailer I decided to show the magical talents of these six children. This was my first time using this app, and I found it quite difficult. Also considering the storyline, this was quite hard to show in a book trailer, but in the end I decided to introduce the six children.

Clever use of stop-motion technology by not only making the drawings move, but also tearing or crumpling the actual paper the drawings are on to tell the story. It is a simple trailer, but that seems all the more effective because the story seems rather unique. It would provide more impact on the book trailer, if you include some narration. 

Book Title: Okujou no Uindo Nootsu

Hiroshima International School
Kosei Shimamura (Gr. 7)

This is my second time making a book trailer. The first time, I did not know what to do but this year I have learnt from other book trailers. For this book trailer I have made sure the audience can see the book trailer well. I made sure of the transition of the text. I also made the drawing myself.

Pictures are unique and attractive. However, white subtitles on bright color backgrounds without narration sometimes makes them hard to read. 

Book Title: Utau Ki no Hoshi

Tokyo International School

Rai Nakamura (Gr. 8)

This was a really hard book to make into a book trailer because expressing the mysterious part of the book’s complicated plot into a video was hard, especially since I only knew how to use the basic editing functions of iMovie. However, since the book itself was a very interesting book to read, to think that I was making the book into a video/trailer made the creating process a lot more interesting for me.

I can see that you understand the book well. However, some parts of the texts were difficult to read. It may have been better to change the placement or colors of the labels. You should also consider using various camera movements when introducing flowers. The music changed suddenly at the end, which was confusing. The volume of the music and the timing of the change could be improved. 

Book Title: Sora he

Hokkaido International School
Riho Fujiwara (Gr. 7)

When my Japanese teacher told me and my classmates that we will be creating a book trailer, I was nervous, and didn't have so much confidence. However, as I read my book, and started creating the trailer, I started to have fun. If i have another chance to create this book trailer, I would like to work hard, once again.

A child's voice says, "Are you okay?", this explains that the main character might have to take care of his younger sister. It might be more effective if you volume up the voice just a little bit. Subtitles and the music also leads the audience into the story. 

Book Title: Nayami-bu no kessei to sono Ketsumatsu

Hiroshima International School

Lilico Takeno (Gr. 6)

It was my first book trailer so I was nervous. I used lots of technology for this project.  I wanted to show my picture realistic so I used a filter that was similar to blackboard and taken some pictures at school. My first iMovie was so difficult operate it.

Images are well organized and simple, but the subscript does not create enough excitement to make us want to read the book.