Our Mission

         Providence Books through Bars is a Rhode Island based volunteer non-profit organization. Our Mission is to use recycled donated books to provide free reading material for inmates nationwide.
            Education is our best hope for reuniting families and cultivating law abiding, productive members of society.

Vision Statement
         It is well established that there is a direct link between illiteracy and incarceration. Providence Books through Bars believes that books are tools for learning and opening minds to new ideas and possibilities.
        The book packages that we ship throughout the country are brimming with hope and a heartfelt message that “we believe in you and your inherent dignity and worth as a human being”.
By sending books to inmates we hope to foster a love of reading and the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. .
        With more than 2 million men and women behind bars, the US has the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world. Through community outreach and volunteer opportunities we hope to raise awareness of this fact and combat our country's excessive punitive system and its inflated economic burden.
         Disturbingly, two out of every three prisoners return to prison within three years. For inmates who express a commitment to make a major change in their life and thus break the cycle of re-offending, we offer our support through our newly developed Impact Program. This program provides individualized and specially acquired
motivational, inspirational and self-help materials.
         We will continue to build Books through Bars, not only because books can change people’s lives, but because reading is a basic human right. This change happens
one book at a time, one inmate at a time, one caring gesture at a time.