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What’s it worth to save a life?
       Nobody wants to hear about inmates or jails or prisons; better left swept under the rug. In this climate
of social hygiene, our “Corrections” system better serves as “The New Ghetto.”  Rehabilitation has evolved into a foreign concept. What happens when the “ghetto-ites”
are released?  A
n  astonishing two-thirds of ex-prisoners will re-offend within three years.

      We believe that our program makes a BIG difference and we believe that the choice of reading material has an enormous IMPACT on the quality of life both behind walls and after release. That's why we started this IMPACT program to offer books that will influence those who read them in an extraordinarily powerful way.

Just as we are what we eat, we are what we think. That concept, however, remains foreign to many who have not been exposed to "advantages." For those inmates who are ready to move beyond complacency and mediocrity, the gifting options shown below will help provide the necessary tools. This cutting edge program is unique to Providence Books Through Bars.

     Typically, most book recipients in our program tell us that their shipment will be shared with dozens of other inmates. That means that every dollar goes a long way in benefiting the lives of many. 

       Decide for yourself: What's it worth to save a life