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Books on the Broad reading group online discussion of

God's Own Country by Ross Raisin

Online discussion starts 20 April, 2009, with comments on the first chapter only in the first week to allow people time to come on board.

Complimentary copies of this book were distributed during The Readers' Voice Convention.

If you wish to join in the discussion then you should email to BooksontheBroadmail@gmail.com to start the registration process. 

Once you have registered you will be able to add comments and to make attachments to these pages. 

Add your comments on chapter 1: "Ramblers. Daft sods in pink hats. ..." below.

To comment on chapter 2 click here

To add your comments on chapters 3 - 12 click here.

You can use the navigation bar on the left to move between sections and add further comments back and forth as you wish. 

Online reading group - how it works

This online discussion is meant to function just like any of our own reading groups, in that we all know who we are (that's the reason for registering), we talk away (in the comment box) and answer each other's points (again via the comment box). What makes it all different, of course, is that comments can come in from other readers and reading groups we wouldn't normally meet up with.

What happens then?

How the discussion  goes depends on how many people take part. The aim is to come up with a comprehensive critical assessment of how successful a work of fiction God's own Country is in its own right and how well it connects with the world beyond its own two covers.   


  • There'll be a final review, based on people's ideas, posted up on the website.
  • If agreed amongst contributors, the review will be sent to the author himself via his agent.

 FINAL REPORT click here