Penguin-Orange Broadband Readers' Group Prize

The Books on the Broad Reading Group won the 2007 Penguin-Orange Broadband Readers' Group Prize. Naomi Alderman described her visit to the group in an article in The Guardian newspaper Into the lion's den. She writes "Their self-description sums them up best:

We take our books apart. We look at them from every perspective we can think of. If we need to know about the Spanish civil war to appreciate Hemingway, or local politics in Israel and Palestine to understand Khadra's Warning to the West, we will do our homework."

From The Guardian:

Into the lion's den

What's it like for a writer to discuss her novel with her readers? When Naomi Alderman dropped in on an Oxford book club, she found her audience frighteningly well prepared ...  READ THE GUARDIAN ARTICLE