How we started

We first met, as a group of strangers, at Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford, in February 2005.  We have never looked back since. 

Who we are

We are a mixed group of people with different work/life experiences, some just starting out, some retired, some from abroad, so discussion comes from many angles.  People come and go, but we have a pool of members who remain year on year and the group refreshes from time to time with new people who stay. We also have an increasing number of visitors to our website from around the world.

What we read

We are all driven by a curiosity to know what 's out there in the book world. We read whatever from wherever, as long as it is the best we can find. 

How we read

We take books apart and put them back together again, with a confidence that comes because most of us have done a little homework beforehand. For those who are pressed for time, we have a chair for each session who has researched the author and can act as the expert of the moment.

Reading shared

We come away each month having read something we otherwise might not have thought of as individuals. The surprise is, that without fail, there's always something to learn. We listen to each other, we cross swords occasionally, but it’s never about arguments or scoring points. 

"We are serious about how we approach texts and have attracted people of both sexes and all ages, the youngest being 22 and the oldest over 70. We won the 2007 Penguin/Orange Readers’ Group Prize because we read widely and discuss both at meetings and in our monthly on-line newsletter."
Kate Wilson,


There is a small turnover of members every so often and it is worth contacting us if you are interested in joining. For details go to the Contact Us page.