Shaker Collection

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Enfield, Connecticut

  Enfield 1. Letter. Letter from Jefferson White of Enfield, Connecticut concerning the sale of butter. Includes a interesting postscript describing how 50 people had joined the Society in the last year. Many of the new coverts were former Millerites. SOLD!

Alfred, Maine

Alfred 1. Letter. Letter dated Andover, New Hampshire, September 20, 1818 to The Society of Friends or Shakers, Alfred, Maine. 3 page letter from John Bryent who had a new patent for a cloth knapping machine. He wished the Alfred Shakers to produce some of his machines for him. SOLD!!!

Bryent writes; “The Officers, Superintendants or overseers of the society of Friends or Shaker at Alfred M.E. Gentlemen, Having been informed by your bretheren at Enfield that you carry on cloth dressing business and having been informed that you am an honest honorable familiar , friendly and ingenious class of citizens I take liberty to inform you that I have invented an improvement in a machine for dress cloth both for knapping and shearing for which I have obtained an exclusive right by virtue of letters patent signed by the President of the United States….” He goes on to list what was need to make each machine and asks the Shakers to agree to make 10 to 100 machines.

Sabbathday Lake, Maine

 Sabbathday 1. Billhead. Bought of Prudence A. Stickney, Trustee, Manufacturer of Shaker Fancy Goods. Sabbathday Lake, Maine, 194_. 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".  SOLD

Shirley, Massachusetts

 Shirley 1. Shipping tag. From the W.H. Wetherbee, Dealer in Shaker Goods, Shirley Village, Mass. 4 1/2" x 2". Very good condition. Circa 1880's. SOLD!

Canterbury, New Hampshire


Canterbury 1.
Indenture. Agreement. This is to Certify That…. Have placed in the care of the Society of Shakers at East Canterbury, N.H. 190_. 8" x 10 1/2". An unused legal document used at Canterbury to indenture minor children to the community. $125.00.

Canterbury 2. Legal form. Received of ___ Trustees of the Shaker Society at East Canterbury, N.H., ___ dollars, to my full satisfaction, and I hereby release and discharge the Trustees of the Society from any further obligations, claims or demands of any kind. $165.00.

                A legal release used to settle financial arrangements of members who had decided to leave the Shakers.


Canterbury 3. Studio Portrait. Charles Stevens. Caretaker of the boys at Canterbury. Circa 1890. SOLD!


Canterbury 4. Letter dated East Canterbury, N.H. Sept. 23, 1957 from the Canterbury Shakers stating they could not provide the literature
requested but offer 2 other titles. SOLD.

Canterbury 5. Letter from Marguerite Frost dated Oct. 17, 1948 to Shaker collector Mrs. Belfit describing the Fall and the coming Winter along with a great snapshot of Frost in the Canterbury infirmary. SOLD
Enfield, New Hampshire
 Enfield NH 1. Remarkable lot of 6 seed packets with the seeds. Varieties include; Cucumber. Early Cluster; Cucumber. Early; Lettuce, Early Curled Silesia; Cucumber, Common; Turnip, Purple Top Rutabaga, Beet, Early Red Turnip. All retaining seeds and circa 1850. Very rare New Hampshire examples with only surviving in the collections of the Enfield Shaker Museum and Hamilton College. Largest is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". SOLD! 

Mt. Lebanon, New York

 Mt. Lebanon 1. One of the Four Hundred. [New York]: A.J. White, circa 1890.  32 pp. Stain on front cover.   One of the scarcer A.J. White publications with ads for Shaker Family Pills and Shaker Extract of Roots. SOLD!
 Mt. Lebanon 2. Label. Shakers’ Apple Sauce. Manufactured by Shakers, Mount Lebanon, N.Y. 10” x 4 ¾”. Some staining. An attractive product label. SOLD
 Mt. Lebanon 3. Photograph. North family dining room, circa 1885 with J.E. West, photographer stamp on the reverse. A rare cabinet photo. Good with minor soil and wear. The image is a little light. SOLD. 
 Mt. Lebanon 4. Chair decals. Partial sheet of 15 Mt. Lebanon Shaker chair decals for number 4 and number 7 sized chairs. Tape repair and light soiling. Sold!. 
 Mt. Lebanon 5. Label. Shaker's Apple Sauce, N.F. Mount Lebanon. 6" x 5". Circa 1890's. SOLD!
 Mt. Lebanon 6. Seed Packet. Squash. Winter Hubbard. N.F. New Lebanon, N.Y. 4" x 2 1/2". Circa 1850. SOLD. 
 New York 7. Label. Genuine Shaker Healolene. Excellent for chapped hands. Prepared at the North Family, Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. 1 1/2" x 2 1/2". SOLD 

Watervliet, New York

Watervliet 1. Herb Label.  Maidenhair.  D.M.& Co., Watervliet, N.Y. Circa 1850.  1 3/4" x 1".  Printed on bright orange paper.  Sold.
Watervliet 2. Letter from Aurelia White, Shaker, March 4th, 1889. 2 page letter to her Sister about getting older and the passing of Shaker friends. SOLD
 Watervliet 3. Label. Silver Pens, Manufactured by the Society of Shakers, Watervliet, Albany Company. 4 1/2" x 3/4". Uncut strip of 2 labels from the early pen industry at Watervliet. SOLD!
Unknown Community
 Unknown 1. Clipped manuscript quote of Elder William Lee. Probably done in the 1840's. 7 1/2" x 4 1/2". $100.00.
Shaker Imprints
 Shaker Imprint 1. The Youth's Guide in Zion and Holy Mother's Promise. Given by Inspiration at New Lebanon, N.Y., January 5, 1842. Canterbury: 1842. 35 [1] pp. Spotting and light foxing to wraps and the title page. An inspired work in which a framework is given to children to follow while being raised by Shakers. Richmond 85. SOLD!.
 Shaker Imprint 2. Hoolister, Alonzo. Interpreting Prophecy and the Appearing of Christ. Chicago: Guiding Star Publishing House, [1892]. 41 pp. Very good and in wraps. Printed by the Koreshan Unity. Richmond 795. SOLD!
 Shaker Imprint 3. Lomas, George. The Life of Christ is the End of the World. Shaker Tract No. 1. Mount Lebanon, N.Y. London: J. Burns, 1869. 16 pp. Top and bottom edges trimmed enevenly. Richmond 870. SOLD!

Shaker Imprint 4. [Coolbroth, Eugenia.] Facts About the Shakers, 1794-1941.  Sabbathday Lake: 1941.  [6] pp. 2nd edition.  Damp stained, but rare with Richmond locating no copies (R477.)  SOLD! 

 Shaker Imprint 5. Sampson, Joseph.  Remains of Joseph A.H. Sampson, Who Died at New Lebanon, 12 mo. 14, 1825, aged 20 Years. Published by the Request of his Friends, for the Benefit of Youth… Rochester, N.Y.: E.F. Marshall, For Procter Sampson of New Lebanon, 1827. 59 pp. Spine replaced. (R1263) SOLD!

                A peculiar piece and perhaps the first memorial volume for a Shaker. Sampson was wealthy and this may have given  him the leverage with the Shaker to allow him to publish this collection of verse. It also includes an account of the death of Sister Polly Lawrence.