New Arrivals

New Arrivals!


Vermont Militia 1793

1. An Act for the Regulating and Governing the Militia of the State of Vermont And For Repealing all Laws Heretofore Passed for that Purpose... Windsor: Printed by Alden Spooner, 1793. 19 pages. Signature of Major Atwater. SOLD!


Little League Wyoming 1952


2. Opening Day Program of the Little League of Wyoming-West Wyoming. Saturday, June 7, 1952. 12 pages all ads. Small stain on cover else in good cond. $45.00.


Amateur Newspaper  NH 1882


3. The Amateur Phoenix. Vol. 11. Nashua, N.H. May 1862. No. 3. 4 pages in good cond. $45.00.


Everything  You Always Wanted to Know About Toilet Paper


4. A.P. W. Paper Co. Albany, N.Y.  Incorporated 1877. Manufacturer of Toilet Paper and Paper Towel, 1922. 84 pages. A pictorial booklet on the Company showing how they make their paper. In good cond. SOLD!


Pittsburgh Magazine Almanack 1811- Harmony Society


5. Cramer's Pittsburgh Magazine Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1811. Pittsburgh: Printed and Published by Cramer, Spear & Eichbaum. 60 pages. Blue gray covers are soiled and some interior marks from owner in good cond. It contains a 7 inch early account of the Harmony Society. The covers list books for sale.  SOLD!

Idaho Church Cook Book 1930's


6. Buhl Methodist Ladies' Cook Book. Tested Recipes Contributed by the Ladies of Buhl. Revised edition. 84 pages, some staining on covers and a few pages (signs that it was used). It states: "wherever possible, to make use of Idaho products." No date or publishing info., circa 1930's. SOLD!


Bookplate W.J. Holliday-Western Americana Collector


7. Letter from W.J. Holliday. Dated Dec. 13, 1954 to Rev. J.L. Mc Corison, Jr. enclosing Holliday's Bookplate. Holliday put together a great collection of Western Americana. In good cond. SOLD!


Nathaniel Ames Almanack 1771 - Franklin- Manuscript Leaves  Lynnfield, MA

8. Ames, Nathaniel. An Astronomical Diary; or Almanack for the Year of our Lord Christ 1771. Boston: Printed and Sold by the Printers and Booksellers.... 24 pages. Foxing else in good cond. Contains Franklins famous Epitaph for Himself. There are 16 pages of manuscript notes interleaved. One page mentions the death of Rebecca Hadley who was found drowned in the Mill Pond. There is a reference to supplying wood for Mr. Adams for the year (Adams was the longtime minister of the Second Church of Christ in Lynnfield). Other names mentioned are Edward Sparhawk (possibly his book) and Joseph Newhall. Mentions amount of hay taken in and taxes he pays. Most of the pages are filled with information on the Sunday Sermons of Mr. Adams. It gives the date and the text he uses. One intriguing reference is as follows: "Mr. Adams instead of preaching with his people took off like any shanty (?) with his wife to  lowhegan (?) west num. 3"  SOLD!

Y W C A Charleston SC One Black One White


9.  Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Young Woman's Christian Association Charleston, SC 1907-1982. 12 pages to Commemorate the Burning of the Mortgage. Tells the story of the Coming Street YWCA which was founded in 1907 to serve the Black Community. In  the 1960's when the national YWCA wanted Y's to intergrate, the Charleston YWCA  wanted to leave the National Association. After many votes and legal actions the Coming Street YWCA prevailed and became the YWCA of Greater Charleston. In good cond. SOLD!


Astronomical and Geographical Catechism 1805

10. Bingham, Caleb. An Astronomical and Geographical Catechism For The Use of Children.  The Eighth Edition. Boston: 1805. 36 pages marbled, paper covers. Covers worn, foxing and some small tears else in good cond. SOLD!

1831 Attempt to Build a Road from Maine through Breton Woods, NH to Vermont

 11. Smith, John A. (Portland, ME). 2 page letter to Ebenezer Carlton of Bath, NH dated April 13, 1831. In the letter Smith states Maine Legislature has appropriated $3,000 for the purpose of making a good road through Bretton Woods to Vermont provided $2,000 can be raised by individual subscribers. He mentions old man Crawford has been authorized by the proprietors of Bretton Woods to subscribe $150.00. He also mentions that after the road through Bretton Woods they should expand the road to Bethlehem. Very legible in good cond. SOLD!


Wedding Anniversary Kosher Menu


12. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Greenfield. May 3, 1947.  "Strictly Kosher Dinner". Staining from tape residue on the photograph of the couple, else in good cond. $45.00.


Archive Greenacre Eliot Maine- A place,  where minds, souls, and bodies could be refreshed

 13. A small archive of printed material from Greenacre. Program of Summer Lectures for 1894 and 1896. 10 programs for musicals, plays and other events held at Greenacre (1896-97). Some creases and wear else in good cond. Speakers included Frank Sanborn, O.B. Flower, Arthur Dow, Miss Sadie America, Swami Vivekananda, Mary Livermore. John Codman, Rev. Antoinette Blackwell and others . Topics included Brook Farm, Unity of all Religions, Women's Movement, Whitman, Mental Freedom and many others. Sarah Jane Farmer (daughter of the famous transcendentalist inventor), founded Greeenacre in the 1890's. In the early part of the twentieth century it became aligned with the B' Hai faith and is a school for the Bi Hai's to this day. It is located on a beautiful spot in Eliot. SOLD!


Treatment of the Insane Hartsville NY

14. 3 page letter from Isaac B. Downs of Hartsville N.Y. to his parents. The letter is dated Feb. 12, 1854. A newsy letter about family and friends that includes the following: "Mrs. Wentworth is crazy yet but is better than she has been for now she sits at the table and feeds herself & they let her go around the house & do not have to keep her fastened in her room  much of the time." In good cond. SOLD!

Anti Louisiana Purchase Oct. 1803


15. United States Chronicle. Providence, Rhode Island: Thursday, October 6, 1803. 4 pages some chipping on edges else in good cond. First page article from the (N.H.) Visitor. Louisiana or The Bubble upon Congressional Anvil-Fifteen Millions for the Purchase No. 5. 18 inch article: A through I why its a bad deal. It is to be continued. Also on the second page is an article from the Boston Centinel signed Monitor which is against the purchase (16 inches). SOLD!


Hamilton-Burr and Other Period Pamphlets


16. Bound Vol. of Pamphlets with the Book Plate of Royal M. Ayer of Limerick Maine. It includes: Mason, J.M. An Oration Commemorative of the Late Major-General Alexander Hamilton..... New York: Printed By Hopkins and Seymour, 1804. 40 pages followed by Coleman, William. A Collection of Facts and Documents Relative to the Death of Alexander Hamilton. PP 40-238 (lacking title page and section No. I); Aristides. An Examination of the Various Charges Exhibited Against Aaron Burr, Esq.....  A New Edition . Printed For The Author, 1804. 116 pages; Remarks And Criticisms on the Hon. John Quincy Adam's Letter to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis. Boston: Printed for Joshua Cushing , 1804. 62 pages;  Outlines of the Principal Events in the Life of General Lafayette From the North American Review. Portland: Published by David $ Seth Paine. 1825. 34 pages; A Vindication of the Reign of His Majesty, King George III. Third Edition. London: Printed for J.J. Stockdale, 1811. 90 pages; Robertson, William. The Rise of the Reformation: Containing the Grounds of Protestantism;...… Second Edition. London: Printed for J.J. Stockdale. 1813. 78 pages. An Attempt to Vindicate The American Character being Principally A Reply to the Intemperate Animadversions of Thomas Morre, Esq. Philadelphia: Published by Benjamin Johnson. 1806. 43 pages. These pamphlets are not listed in the order bound. Quarter leather over marbled boards.  Foxing staining on right side of the pages else in good cond. SOLD!


Musical Almanacs 1868 and 1869


17. Lee & Walker's Musical Almanac for 1868 For The Use of Seminaries, Professors of Music and the Musical Public. Being a Condensed Catalogue; To Which is Added A List of Our Lates and Best Publications. Philadelphia: Lee & Walker.  144 pages. Small library blind stamp of the library we purchased them from. Also with: Lee and Walker's Musical Catalogue for 1869....144 pages. Both in good cond. $125.00.

Black Voting Rights Alabama 1900's

18. Manning, Joseph C. To the Republican Voters of Alabama. Dated Alexander City, July 25. No date circa 1900's. Broadside measures  9 1/2 by 8 1/8. Looks like it might have been cut down. Several small holes with minor text loss. Manning (1870-1920), an early agrarian populist, served has a member of the House of Representatives in Alabama for a brief period. He eventually became a Republican and fought the Party continually for not fighting for voting rights for Negroes. He spent most of his life as an advocate for civil rights. He wrote for a number of black newspapers. As an aside what I love about doing these lists is that I get to discover some incredible people. SOLD!


Manuscript Epic Poem Native Americans Upstate NY 18th Century

 19. Account Book Malta NY., 1830 from a tavern. The first section covers the Tavern Accounts for Customers and their Drinks ect. The next 148 pages contain "Bloody Ben: A Poem In Six Cantos." The volume contains Canto 2. "The Massacre", Canto 3": "he Vow" and Canto 4: "The Revenge". The poem is about an Indian Massacre and the subject of the poem is Ben's attempt  to seek revenge. It talks of Gov. George Clionton, the Mohawks, Oneidas, and mentions Albany, Schenectady, and Hoosick. We assume this poem refers to Indian hostilities  during Gov. George Clinton's service  in the 18th Century. It is well written and very gruesome. We can find no record of it having been published. The Account book is quite worn but is in good cond. SOLD!


Montana Women's Suffrage  1903


20. A partial letter from Sen. Francis Warner of Whyoming to Miss Gail Laughlin in Helena, Montana. The letter is dated  Jan. 23, 1903. The letter talks about the fact that Territory of Whyoming gave the right to women 33 years ago and it has been very beneficial. Unfortunately we only have the first page of the letter. Sen Warren was a strong proponent of Womens' Suffrage. The recipient of the letter has an interesting life. Laughlin was born in Maine and was the first woman in Maine to practice law. She went out west to work for Suffrage. She eventually returned to Maine where she served in the Legislature. Although  a partial letter, it is an important one. The letter is in good cond. $125.00.