New Arrivals

New Arrivals!

Nervous Invalidism in Arizona

1. Cottonwood Court-Phoenix, Arizona. 32 page illustrated catalogue. Circa 1930's and in good condition. Cottonwood was set up to deal with nervous invalidism caused by a strenuous life. The home was run by Dr. Gillette and it offered Turkish, sitz, Nauheim, and electric baths, various types of massages and Heliotherapy. Patients suffering from insanity would not be received. With original envelope. With 8-page manuscript letter 1915 from a patient of Dr. Gillette talking about recuperation at the house and how new patients will be coming. A calling card from Dr. and Mrs. Gillette. A letter from Alice Danforth Bush from New Mexico with several snapshots of the desert. All is good cond. $150.00.


Samuel Foote Play

2. Foote, Samuel. The Liar. A Farce in Two Acts. Correctly Given, As Performed by the Theatre Royal with Remarks. New York: Published by Charles Wiley, Philadelphia: H. C. Carey & I Lea and Boston: McCarthy & Davis, and Samuel H. Parker, 1824. 52 pp. Some chipping on paper wraps and a small piece of tape used to close a tear is on verso of the front wrap. Else in good condition. SOLD!


Wall Paper Covered Manuscript Music Vermont?

3. A Wallpaper covered small oblong book with pieces of manuscript music. Some are loose, and 3 songs are bound into the book. The balance of the book is blank. The titles include the New Constitution, Freemason Felicity, Champion Beauty, Primrose, Blazing Star and others. No date. Circa early 1800's. There is a note signed by a Rhoda Hale, Windsor 1823. This came in a lot of Vermont material so assume Windsor, VT. Some tears else in good cond. SOLD!


Maine in California Gold Rush

4. 3 Page letter from Ann Keith of Vassalboro, Maine to her son in South Braintree, MA. March, 1852. She laments the fact that so many local people have gone to California and says it has hurt the local economy, but the tales of suffering of those coming back from California has changed the minds of some who were planning to go. In good cond. SOLD!


Providence Rhode Island Female Society

5. The Charter and Constitution of the Providence Female Charitable Society. Fourth Edition. Printed at Providence, By John Carter. April 1804. 12 pages in blue wraps in very good cond. All the Board and Subscribers are female. It also lists the Lady and Gentleman donors. $175.00.



William H. Johnson, Black Artist 

6. William H. Johnson. An Artist of the World. Harmon Foundation, New York, circa 1950's. 4 pages in good cond. SOLD!


Colored Jubilee Singers Founded by Former Slave

7. Sheppard's Colored Jubilee Singers. Small Broadside.  6 1/2 by 4 1/2. Torn at lower edge. Cira 1880's. Sheppard’s operated from 1874-1883. It toured in New England and its director Andrew Sheppard was a slave for over 30 years. Rev. David Hawley an abolitionist from Hartford, CT was involved in the founding of the group. See Sandra Graham’s book, Spirituals and the Birth of the Black Entertainment Industry. SOLD!


Native American Kiowa Tribe Signed by the Chief

8. Tahan, Chief. Indian Story Circle Stories. Burlington, VT: Free Press Printing Co. 1928. 138 pages in good cond. Signed by the Chief. SOLD!


New Zealand Luggage Labels 

9. Seven different luggage Label from New Zealand Hotels. Circa 1940's-1950's. In good cond. $50.00.

Claremont NH Diary Posts Play Bills and Tells of Local Murder

10. Diary Claremont, NH. Written in 1869, the unidentified man who is 57 years old posts and distributes playbill throughout the area. Some of the playbills include: Harriman and Canterbury .Magic and Concert, Cromwell Stereoptican, W. Coffin, Camilla Urso and others. It lists what he is paid for posting the playbills. He also digs graves and is a local deputy sheriff. He mentions his role in catching the Murderer of George Woodell (they found him in bed). He seems to run the venue for various shows. He sees President Grant at the depot, Gov. Joshua Chamberlain speak and Anna Dickinson speak to the GAR. Approximately 100 pages and very legible and in good cond. SOLD!




Manuscript Menu Books White Mountain Hotel in 1930's

11. 3 Menu Books for the Spalding Inn, Whitefield, NH. 1931-32. The owner of the Inn sits down with the chef every day to plan the menu. The Inn offered Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. It was quite an elegant Inn requiring proper attire for dining. The Dinner and Supper meals had four courses, Soup or appetizer, main course, salad, and dessert. These were not simple New England cooking but was fine dining. To think that in the depression one could dine on calf liver or kippered herring for breakfast, at dinner have Native Veal Chops Bavarian and at supper cold ox tongue and other cold meats. The desserts and salads sound just as exciting. Over 400 pages of recipes. An interesting note is that Steinbeck dined at the Inn while travelling with his dog Charley. SOLD!


 Humorous Anti Masonic Poetry Broadside

12. The Midnight Poachers As Lately Sung At the Exhibition of Masonry. And "You Don't Exactly Suit Me". 7 3/4 by 9 3/4. Some chipping and has been folded, else in good cond. Although no publication information on the broadside. From the Library of Congress, we found the following information. Boston: Sold by Leonard Deming between 1829-1831. SOLD!


Iowa Cook Book

13. Kitchenology.  Recipes Compiled by the Ladies of the Methodist Church, Paton, Iowa. No date circa early 1940's. 100 pages. Was originally bound with 2 metal rings but now replaced with plastic rings. Pages loose, else in good cond. SOLD!


Look for the Union Label 

14. The Trades Union Directory for Oneota, New York. Containing Fire Alarm Systems, Railroad Time Tables and Other Useful Information. No date, circa 1900. This booklet was put out to encourage people to show where business men desire the patronage of Union men. “if you believe in a fair Day's Wages for a Fair Day's work, see that this label is on the box (cigar) before you buy.” The booklet is in good cond. $45.00.



Newspaper Accounts Nat Turner Uprising Aug. 21, 1831

15. United States Telegraph (Washington, D.C.) Aug. 26, 1831 with 8 inch front page article, The Globe (Washington, D.C.) August 31, 1831 with a 14 inch article on the last page, United States Telegraph on the Insurrection at Murfreesboro, NC.,  The Globe Sept. 3, 1831 with 17 inch front page article on Nat Turner, United States Telegraph  September 13, 1831 with a 8 inch article on the front page Saying Nat Turner has escaped, The Globe ,Nov. 5, 1831 8 inch article on the second page saying Nat Turner has been caught, The Globe, Nov. 12, 1831 1 1/2 inch article on the third page saying that Turner is to be hung, United State telegraph Nov. 29, 1831 1 1/2 inch ad on the third page for the book The Confession of Nat Turner. All the newspapers are complete and in good cond. $750.00.


Vermont Debate Club 1840's


16. Records of the Tunbridge Vermont Debate Society. 1843-45. 28 pages, lacking plain paper cover. Records the meetings and the debate topics. Topics include "ought males have a better education than females, Is the married productive of more happiness than the single, Is slavery a greater evil as existing in the United Sates than ardent spirits.” In good cond. SOLD!


Life in Dover, New Hampshire, 1860

17. Diary of unidentified man from Dover, NH. Jan to July 1860. Although the comments are brief, they tell a lot about the town. The gentleman owns a saw mill and box factory. He mentions a number of boats coming to the dock. He mentions work being done on various houses and businesses. Abraham Lincoln speaks at Liberty Hall (not sure this is in Dover), Stephen Douglas speaks in Concord, MA. He refers to a brewery and malt mill. He mentions many locals by names. Very legible and in good cond. SOLD!


Printed by Black Students Hampton Normal in Virginia Brick Shape Book

18. Grenfell, Lady.  A Brick for Labrador. Forward and Drawings by Sir Wilfred Grenfell. Published by the International Grenfell Association New York circa 1920's. Printed by the Students of Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hampton, Virginia.  24 pages in good cond. SOLD!


Our Schools for Negros

19. Our School for Negroes Something of the History, Ideal and Work of American Church Institute for Negros. New York New York. circa 1920's. 8 pages. remnants of paper clip and some creasing. On the back page are ink corrections on the list of schools. SOLD!


Carrier's Address Maine 1830 --Tight Lacing

20. New Year's Address for the Experiment January 1, 1830.  Measures 6 X 9 1/2.  The Experiment started publishing in 1829. The newspaper. was short lived. It appears that the Maine Historical Society has some issues of the newspaper. The Broadside has been pasted into a scrapbook with one small tear else in good cond. The lines on Tight lacing are rather amusing “she draws a silver shaft, her quiver gracing,  Dead fall the fiend, the genius of Tight-lacing, Now love no more shall weap o'er beauty's tomb, Robbed by the corset-worm of life's young bloom: Far fly hysteric vapors, tortured breath, And the strange love of being squeezed to death."  $250.00.


Broadside Physical Training for Women

21. Demonstration of Physical Training for the Classes of the Haverhill Young Woman's Association (MA) ...April 6, 1906...Measures 9 by 6 3/4. A few tears else in good cond. $50.00.


Manuscript Poem Woman Kills Children and Self 1820's


22. Manuscript ledger of the Phillips family in Pennsylvania, circa 1820's. Contains a 3 1/2 page poem about a woman who takes care of a widowers' children, and when she is spurned by the widower, she kills her children and then herself. The book also contains a 3 page manuscript of a known poem on Perry's  Battle on Lake Erie. The ledger is in poor condition, having been used as a scrapbook. It also contains some charming folk art type pencil drawings. SOLD!


Archive Philadelphia Varnish and Paint Co.

23. C. Schrack & Co. Varnish and Paint Manufacturers. 152,154,156,158 N. Fourth Street Philadelphia. 1876. 23 page trade catalogue in good cond., 4 labels for products, Black Oil Japan No.1, Lacquer (water stained) ,English Boiled Oil, Coach Rubbing Varnish, Circular from the Co.(Undated) and partial list from the Co. (undated -bottom missing). In good cond. SOLD!


Bookplate or Library Card by Anderson


24. Bookplate or Lending Card, Apprentice’s Library by Alexander Anderson. circa 1850. This was for Col. James Anderson Mechanic and Apprentice’s Library in Allegheny, Pa. Col. Anderson opened his library to be used for free. It was here that Carnegie came to read and borrow books and is from this free concept that he went on to create the Carnegie libraries that dot the country.  Foxing, else in good cond. $125.00.


Manuscript Broadside No Gossip at the Water Cure Establishment


25. To All Whom it May Concern! Water Cure Bulletin-Order Extraordinary. The order forbids gossip about the patients either on the grounds or in town. It is the most mischievous of all habits. Legal size sheet faded with small stain. Although faded it still can be read. Several sections underlined in red. No date or location. Circa 1850. $75.00.