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To date, I have published exactly one book - The Pilate Plot. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads The Pilate Plot enjoys it as a story. If anyone learns anything then that is a plus! I would be honored to hear comments on or field questions about or simply just follow any discussion of The Pilate Plot.

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David Urbane has a grudge against Jesus Christ but never thought he would have the opportunity to do more about it than teach his own slanted version of history at the college level. President Robert Cooper harbors the good, old-fashioned aspiration to rule the world but needs the legacy of Christ out of his way. Nathaniel Stone unintentionally provides the means that involves them all in a plot spanning time and space that may change the world forever. Ruthless ambition, total dedication, and the advantages of modern knowledge and technology are all stacked up against the very foundation of Christianity. Who will prevail?