Elementary Books:

Dennis and the Momma Violin

Dennis’s mom loved to go shopping. She would spend hours standing in front of her
favorite shoe store, daydreaming about all the wonderful shoes s
he would love to buy.

Dennis was forced to go along, day after day. Usually, he just sat on the small bench in front of the store.

He would glance around at the other stores, but nothing really caught his attention, until he noticed the big red “NEW” sign.

The sign was placed in front of the most amazing thing Denni
s had ever seen. It was huge, dark, and shiny. 

It was the most magnificent thing Dennis had ever laid his eyes on. He had seen smaller versions, but this, this had to be the Momma Violin.


Dennis and the Daddy Violin
The Momma Violin is lonely and Dennis embarks on a quest to find her a companion.

Dennis and the Baby Cellos
Yup, the Momma and Daddy Violins become a family.

Brynic saves the lives of several villagers and loses his life. 

He is granted future life through a Dragon Tree and a girl named Birdie.

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