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Livingston-Wexford Adventures

The Livingston-Wexford Adventures follow a pair of barely-related teenage enemies chasing a trail of clues left by their now missing elder siblings as they uncover a family legacy of intrigue, betrayal and murder at the hands of a secret society whose goals they must uncover before it's too late. 

Book 1: The Cordovan Vault (click title to buy)
Kayla and Quinn are having a really bad weekend.  For 14-year old enemies whose normal life means that they are forced to live together because her brother married his sister, it takes something extraordinary for things to be really bad. Like their house exploding.  Or people trying to kill them.  When a mysterious DVD turns up with the message “We are not who you think we are,” they begin a crazy adventure to figure out what that means and they find that nothing is the way it seems.

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Book 2: The Peacock Tale

Quinn Wexford and Kayla Livingston have escaped Philadelphia but their hope for answers from Quinn’s Great Aunt Tally is derailed when they find a terrified shell of the feisty old woman they expected.  While continuing to search for their missing siblings, and trying to protect their family, Quinn and Kayla work to discover who they are but instead learn disturbing answers to questions they didn’t know to ask.  A coded message points them toward a pirate treasure that’s been hidden for three hundred years, but the cost will be high, and this time, they’re afraid they won’t get out alive.

Sample Excerpt

Buy the book.  Print books: Createspace, Amazon, Barnes&Noble.  E-Book: Smashwords, Amazon