School Visits

Royston is happy to visit your school to talk about writing and publishing.  He make no charge for visits but would like the opportunity to offer copies of his books for sale.   If you would like to arrange a visit please contact him at

Recent School Visits
Meeting a real live author can increase children's interest in books, help them understand how books are produced and boost the confidence of any aspiring writers in your school.

To make the most of the visit here are some tips: 

Timing the visit 

World Book Day is an obvious time to have an author visit but demand is very high around that date (usually the first Thursday in March).   If you would like to arrange a visit near that date it is best to book as early as possible.  

Preparing for the visit 

The children will probably enjoy the visit more if they have read some of the author's work.  Royston can provide a copy of the book of your choice as a paperback or as a pdf file for projection if that is more convenient.

If you or the author will be selling books on the day, send out letters to parents so that children can bring sufficient money into school on the day. If you can cope with the organisation involved, you may wish to take orders in advance.

On the day 

Make sure the office staff know about the visit and who to contact when Royston arrives.  Remember, Royston will not know his way around your school so please make sure there is someone available to show him where he needs to go.  It would also be helpful for the children's usual teachers to be present during the talk as this tends to have a positive affect on behaviour (Royston can get unruly otherwise).

Follow-up activities

A brief note with comments on how the visit could have been improved is always welcome. It is only by receiving constructive criticism that future visits can be enhanced.  

Multiple letters from all the children make a useful writing activity and are fun to receive.  They also tend to be brutally honest.  But they are definitely not compulsory.

If children who have read any of the books want to write a review these will always be welcomed by Royston who will post them on the website.