Tyger Pants

Aimed at children aged 8+ this story is full of action and humour.

It's National Take Your Kids to Work Day and Tyger is getting a day off school. But Tyger's dad doesn't have a proper, exciting job, like a firefighter or a policeman: he's a librarian. So Tyger is trapped in the library, sticking labels in books. 

Tyger is just starting to wish he was a school when his dad leaves his super cool i-Rate 3 smart phone lying on the desk. Tyger starts to fiddle...and that's when the day starts to get interesting. 

The i-Rate 3 is not what it seems: it is a secret, ultra high tech device that enables Librarians to enter Fictonia, the dimension, or world, where all the stories actually take place.

Tyger gets zapped in a fantasy story and has to fill in as Victor the Victor, the missing hero. Bewildered and confused he is attacked and left for dead by Cretin the Cruel.

After being rescued by Bunsen, a 10 inch long dragon, Tyger learns that his only way back home is to defeat Cretin the Cruel and his Werebeast army. It's a daunting task for a 9 year old but with Bunsen and Tim Armadillo, the court magician (who is an armadillo but not much of a magician), by his side he sets off to meet his destiny.

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