Invasion of the Goblin Horde

Chapter One

Ruff and Tumble are dogs with jobs: as Pack Protectors they must keep invaders out of the Packlands. This is mainly achieved by barking a lot but they will attack with swords and battleaxes if something really horrible like a Trolley of Trolls turns up.

This is just what does happen, except it turns out to be a deliveryman. But that, combined with the “Goblin Horde” book he is reading, is enough to get Ruff’s imagination running wildly. Soon he is incorporating all the things that happen to him in the day and the plot from the Goblin Horde into his dreams and his dreams back into real life. His old rubber toys/the Crown Jewels have gone missing and he has to get them back or Black Graksox will invade the Pack Lands/Fantasy Realm.

Tumble doesn't want to believe in any of it. After all, there are no such things as goblins. But she slowly gets caught up in Ruff enthusiasm to the point where she is chasing goblins through the woods.

After a number of adventures Ruff retrieves all of his missing toys/the Crown Jewels and buries them in the flower bed so that their power can never be abused again. The Pack Lands/Fantasy Realm is saved and their job as Pack Protectors fulfilled.

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Ruff and Tumble is illustrated throughout to help younger readers into the story and get them engaged in reading. The themes are kept simple, as is the humour.

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Chapter One

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