Invasion of the Dog Eating Yetis

Chapter One
'Vigilance is Vital' when you're a Pack Protector. That's why Ruff and Tumble are always alert and on the lookout for Invaders. Well, Ruff is anyway. 

Having just saved the Pack Lands from a Horde of Goblins, Ruff now uncovers a new threat. Dog Eating Yetis have sent a blanket of snow to cover the Pack Lands and are ready to invade. 
There's a Yeti spying on the Pack Lands from two gardens away and things are getting desperate.  Can Ruff save the Pack Lands? And can he get Tumble to help?
You can learn more about Ruff and Tumble them by clicking their pictures below:

Ruff and Tumble is illustrated throughout to help younger readers into the story and get them engaged in reading. The themes are kept simple, as is the humour.

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Chapter One
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