This club was established originally on January 16, 2000 under the name Book a Month. During the switchover from Yahoo Clubs to Yahoo Groups, the Book a Month Club, along with several other clubs, was left in limbo so long that it was decided to start a new group as of March 18, 2002--the Books a Month Group.

February: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (771 pages)
Group Guidelines


While discussing various issues our members may have strong feelings. While it is understandable that in the heat of discussion something
personal might be said which shouldn't, I would ask all members to refrain. If you think you have made a personal remark please just tell yourself you shouldn't have and don't do it again. But if remarks continue and become a problem on the board, I will give the offending member one warning before editing their membership to "Moderated," meaning I read their posts before placing them on the message board. This is something I don't want to do...Please respect this request.

All new members have "Moderated Membership." This means that for a minimum of a week's time, your posts will be moderated by the group owner or the co-moderator. Please be patient during this period because the owners don't always log on daily to check the groups. If you post messages during the week related to book discussions, your moderated membership will be changed to unmoderated, so you can post whenever you like. If you do not post messages during the first week of your membership, you will remain moderated until you start posting or contact one of the owners of the group. All spammers will be banned and removed from the group. If you send Grouply invites, you will be deleted from Booksamonth. You are welcome to join the group under another user name or e-mail address that is not associated with Grouply. Members that join to advertise their books must be an active member for at least a month before advertising. This means you have to get to know members and participate in the discussions. If you send repeat advertisements for your books, your membership might be revoked.


The Books a Month Group is not just for talk of one book but of any book topic or exchange of views on any subject that interests our members. The Message Board will be the main way of sharing ideas--We'll begin discussing a book the first of the month. Voting for the new selections will be around the second week of the month--usually from the 10th to the 15th.

Discussion is open-ended. Members should feel free to ask questions or take initiative in leading discussion topics. Either the group owner, a_soft_flower, or the group moderators, aerodaze or karana_20, will post discussion questions the 10th of every month. These are always optional but are a good place to begin commenting and discussing about a book.

Voting: Each member can select five books that they recommend for future reading by posting them at the group message board or by e-mailing the owner. Often, it is better to recommend a book that  you have not read but want to read. Indiciate if the book title is for one of our themed months (classics or mystery). You can change your selection of books at any time. Around the 5th of every month, five nominations from our Future Reading List will be chosen to be voted on. Voting will conclude around the 15th of every month.


  1. When you post about our book, include in the subject line the name of the book and the chapter or page you are up to so those who have not read as far may skip if they want to. Also, if you post anything which may be considered a "spoiler" to the plot, indicate that in the title as well. Or a post could read "In General, Non-spoiler"...etc
  2. Respect all readers! Sometimes we get into heated discussions because of the subject matter, but we should still respect everyone's opinion. If the heated discussion escalates into hurting members' feelings or distracting too much from the book of the month discussion, the topic will be banned for one month as a "cooling off" period for all members. The topic can be addressed in conversation again after the ban date has passed. Members who continue to discuss a banned topic will be placed on moderation until they stop. Messages that continue to discuss the banned topic will also be deleted.
  3. Respect all members! The message board is not a place to bicker with another member that you don't get along with. Either learn to coexist in the group or discuss the issues with private emails. Try to satisfy your differences with the individual first. If this does not work, bring complaints to the group owner: a_soft_flower(at)yahoo(dot)com. Members who continually offend others on the board will be moderated and can be removed from the group. 
  4. If people have a problem with the way the group is run or its policies, address these concerns with private emails to the group owner (a_soft_flower) rather than on the message board.
  5. Change subject titles when the topic changes.
  6. Trim posts (but remember to leave enough on the post so we know the thread of conversation).
  7. Put OT (Off Topic) in the subject heading that has nothing to do about books, reading, and the current discussion of the month. Label buddy reads (secondary reads) as OT.


  1. CR= Current Read
  2. CLT= Currently Listening To
  3. QR= Quit Reading
  4. JF= Just Finished
  5. TBR= To Be Read


If you enjoy Booksamonth, you will be interested in the sister book group moderated by the same owner. Cafe Libri is an eclectic reading club that discusses one to two books a month. The genres vary from fiction, nonfiction, young adult, manga, and even poetry. To learn more about Cafe Libri, visit the Yahoo Group or the Google Website for more information.



January will be a "Classics Month." If you like literary classics, you might want to include one or more in your five choices. If you haven't and want to, just post your change.


July is "Kiddie Lit" month. You may choose three selections to recommend for July--the full list is in the Children's Literature List.


All the runner-up books from the previous year will be voted on in the month of August. Members will have another opportunity to vote for a book that didn't win the first go around. It just might win this time around!


If you like mysteries, you might want to include one or two mystery novels as part of your five choices.

Final Note
Book groups such as these exist only as much as members post and share their ideas and thoughts about books or anything else that is of interest. If no one posted, the group would cease to exist, so although any member can elect to just read the messages, I also hope that you will choose to participate and help the group to grow.