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    Dear friends, on this site, you will find books in the English language that are somehow related to the international language Esperanto: One is an English-Esperanto and Esperanto-Englsh dictionary, another one gives you a wonderful overview on the more than 100 years of literature written originally in Esperanto, others talk about the history of the Esperanto movement, and yet another is an English version of one of the famous novels written in Esperanto, by an outstanding Esperanto author. 

    Crusoes in Siberia
    and The Fairest Judgment

    by Tivadar Soros

    The father of Paul and George Soros about his adventures in Siberia during and after the first World War. Transl.: H. Tonkin.

    Esperanto in The New York Times (1887-1922)

    by Ulrich Becker (red.)

    A look back at the beginnings of the Esperanto movement in the US and beyond through they eyes of The NY Times.
    English-Esperanto-English Dictionary

    by John C. Wells 

    Modern and comprehensive English-Esperanto-English dictionary.
    Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto 

    de Geoffrey Sutton 

    This outstanding work of scholarly reference contains over 300 individual articles on the most important Esperanto writers.

    ZAMENHOF. The Life, Works and Ideas of the Author of Esperanto

    by Aleksander Korzhenkov 

    Concise, but brilliant biography. Translated by Ian M. Richmond, edited by Humphrey Tonkin.

    Reluctant Messiah

    by Trevor Steele 

    The English version of one of his famous novels in Esperanto ("Kaj staros tre alte...").