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Anthony Horowitz (Writing Primarily for Teens and Preteens)                                                 

   Alex Rider Series - He was told that his Uncle Ian died in a car crash.  However, 14 year old Alex has seen the bullet holes in his Uncle's windshield.  He was not prepared for the news that his Uncle had been a spy for MI6, the British top secret intelligence agency.  Alex is recruited to locate those who killed his Uncle and finish Ian's last mission. - Stormbreaker (2000), Point Blanc (2001), Skeleton Key (2002), Eagle Strike (2003), Scorpia (2004), Ark Angel (2005), Snakehead (2007), and Yassen (Forthcoming).

   Diamond Brothers Series - The Falcon's Malteser (1986), Public Enemy Number Two (1987), South by South East (1991), The Blurred Man (2003), The French Confection (2003), I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (2003), The Greek Who Stole Christmas (2007), and The Radius of the Lost Shark (Forthcoming).

   Pentagram Series - The Devil's Door-Bell (1983), The Night of the Scorpion (1984), The Silver Citadel (1986), and The Day of the Dragon (1989).

   Power of Five (In the U.S.:  The Gatekeepers) - Raven's Gate (2005), Evil Star (2006), Nightrise (2007), and Necropolis:  City of the Dead (2008, Forthcoming).

C. S. Forester  (1899 - 1966; English) Hornblower Series

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower - The year is 1793 and Horatio Hornblower is a 17 year old boy who is ordered to board a French merchant ship and take command.  This is the first in a series of adventures for the young man.            

Lieutenant Hornblower - This is the second book (of 11) in the series.  The seafaring Hornblower is promoted to Acting Lieutenant under the command of an insane Queeg-like of a ship's captain.  The ship runs aground, is attacked by Spaniards, and Hornblower saves the day.  You will find lots of adventure.  1952. 

   Other Titles Include:  Hornblower and the Hotspur, Hornblower During the Crisis, Hornblower and the Atropos, Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, Flying Colours, Commodore Hornblower, Lord Hornblower,  and Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies.

Tom Clancy

   Jack Ryan/John Clark Universe (Listed NOT by date of publication, but rather chronologically) - Without Remorse (1993), Patriot Games (1987), Red Rabbit (2002), The Hunt for Red October (1984), The Cardinal of the Kremlin (1988), Clear and Present Danger (1989), The Sum of All Fears (1991), Debt of Honor (1994), Executive Order (1996), Rainbow Six (1998), The Bear and the Dragon (2000), and The Teeth of the Tiger (2003).

W. E. B. Griffin

   M*A*S*H Series

   Brotherhood of War Series (Army) - The Lieutenants, The Captains, The Majors, The Colonels, The Berets, The Generals, The New Breed, The Aviators, and Special Ops.

   The Corps Series (Marine Corps) - Semper Fi, Call to Arms, Counterattack, Battleground, Line of Fire, Close Combat, Behind the Lines, In Danger's Path, Under Fire, and  Retreat, Hell!

   Men at War Series (OSS, WWII precursor to the CIA) - The Last Heroes (aka In The Line of Duty), The Secret Warriors (aka Covert Operations), The Soldier Spies (aka Give me Liberty), The Fighting Agents (aka Into Enemy Hands), The Saboteurs, and The Double Agents.

   Honor Bound Series (OSS) - Honor Bound, Blood and Honor, and Secret Honor.

   Badge of Honor Series (Philadelphia Police) - Men in Blue, Special Operations, The Victim, The Witness, The Assassin, The Murderers, The Investigators, and Final Justice.

   Presidential Agent Series (Contemporary Counterterrorism) -By Order of the President, The Hostage, The Hunters, and  The Shooters.

Vince Flynn

   Mitch Rapp Series (Mitch is a CIA "blackops" counterterrorism agent) - Transfer of Power (1999), The Third Option (2000), Separation of Power (2001), Executive Power (2002), Memorial Day (2004), Consent to Kill (2005), Act of Treason (2006), and Protect and Defend (2007).

Robert Ludlum

   The Scarlatti Inheritance (1971), The Osterman Weekend (1972), The Matlock Paper (1973), Trevayne (1973, writing under the pen-name Jonathan Ryder), The Cry of the Halidon (1974, writing under the pen-name Jonathan Ryder), The Rhinemann Exchange (1974), The Road to Gandolfo (1975, writing under the pen-name Michael Shephard), The Gemini Contenders (1976), The Chancellor Manuscript (1977), The Holcroft Covenant (1978), The Matarese Circle (1979), The Bourne Identity (1980), The Parsifal Mosaic (1982), The Aquitaine Progression (1984), The Bourne Supremacy (1986), The Icarus Agenda (1988), The Bourne Ultimatum (1990), The Road to Omaha (1992), The Scorpio Illusion (1993), The Apocalypse Watch (1995), The Matarese Countdown (1997), and The Prometheus Deception (2000).

John le Carre

   Call for the Dead (1961); A Murder of Quality (1962); The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963); The Looking-Glass War (1965); A Small Town in Germany (1968); The Naive and Sentimental Lover (1971); Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974); The Honourable Schoolboy (1977); Smiley's People (1979); The Little Drummer Girl (1983); A Perfect Spy (1986); The Russia House (1989); The Secret Pilgrim (1990); The Night Manager (1993); Our Game (1995); The Tailor of Panama (1996); Single & Single (1999); The Constant Gardener (2001); Absolute Friends (2003); and The Mission Song (2006).

Hugh Laurie

   The Gun Seller

James W. Huston

   Secret Justice, Shadows of Power, Fallout, Flash Point, The Price of Power, and Balance of Power.

Brad Thor

   Scot Harvath Series - The Lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin, State of the Union, Blowback, Takedown, and The First Commandment.

Dale Brown

   Patrick McLanahan Series - Flight of the Old Dog, Day of the Cheetah, Skymaster, Night of the Hawk, Shadows of Steel, Fatal Terrain, The Tin Man, Battle Born, Warrior Class, Air Battle Force, Plan of Attack, and Strike Force.

   Act of War Series - Act of War and Edge of Battle.

   Independent Series - Silver Tower, Hammerheads, Chains of Command, Storming Heaven, and Shadow Command.

Len Deighton

   "Unnamed Hero" Series - The IPCRESS File (1962); Horse Under Water (1963); Funeral in Berlin (1964); Billion Dollar Brain (1966); An Expensive Place to Die (1967); Spy Story (1972); Yesterday's Spy (1975); and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy (1976; In the U.S.:  Catch a Falling Spy). 

   The Bernard Samson Series - Berlin Game (1983), Mexico Set (1984), London Match (1985), Spy Hook (1988), Spy Line (1989), Spy Sinker (1990), Faith (1994), Hope (1995), Charity (1996), and Winter (1987; A prequel to the Series).

Palma Harcourt

   Climate for Conspiracy (1974), A Fair Exchange (1975), Dance for Diplomats (1976), At High Risk (1977), Agents of Influence (1978), Sleep of Spies (1979), Tomorrow's Treason (1980), A Turn of Traitors (1981), The Twisted Tree (1982), Shadows of Doubt (1983), Distant Stranger (1984), Cloud of Doves (1985), A Matter of Conscience (1986), Limited Options (1987), Clash of Loyalties (1988), Cover for a Traitor (1989), Double Deceit (1990), The Reluctant Defector (1991), Cue for Conspiracy (1992), Bitter Betrayal (1993), The Vermont Myth (1994), and Shadows of the Past (1996).

Ian Fleming

   James Bond Series - Casino Royale, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, Diamonds Are Forever, From Russia with Love, Dr. No, Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, You Only Live Twice, The Man with the Golden Gun, and Octopussy and the Living Daylights.

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