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This symbol * indicates authors and titles which are particularly appropriate for teens. I have provided an external link for every author whose name appears in blue. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find good links for certain authors and their names appear in pink. Where I have not provided an external link, I have usually given additional information about the books. You will find more than 100 authors in this list. To simplify your search they are listed alphabetically.



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Stephen P. Adams:    

   The Hofburg Treasures

Louisa May Alcott: *

   Eight Cousins, Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys.

Isabella Macdonald Alden (a.k.a. Pansy):

   Agatha's Unknown Way - A Story of Missionary Guidance

Ernest Angley:


Lynn Austin:

   Refiner's Fire Series - Candle in the Darkness, Fire by Night, and A Light to My Path.

   A Proper Pursuit - A Woman's Place, Wings of Refuge, A Proper Pursuit, Hidden Places, Eve's Daughters, and All She Ever Wanted.

   Chronicles of the Kings Series - Gods and Kings, Song of Redemption, The Strength of His Hand, Faith of My Fathers, and Among the Gods.

June Masters Bacher:

   My Heart's Desire and Seasons of Love

Karen Ball:

   Family Honor Series - Shattered Justice, Kaleidoscope Eyes, and What Lies Within.

   Three Weddings and a Giggle:  Bride on the Run

   Other Titles - Wilderness, Reunion, The Breaking Point, A Test of Faith, The Overnight Ordeal * and The Hazardous Homestead *

Joseph T. Bayly:

   Winter Flight

Deborah Bedford:

   Family Matters, Only You, Remember Me, Blessings, Just Between Us, If I Had You, When You Believe, A Morning Like This, A Rose by the Door, and The Story Jar.

William J. Bennett:

   The Book of Virtues, The Children's Book of Faith, and The Moral Compass.

Terri Blackstock:

   Restoration Series - Last Light, Night Light, True Light, and Dawn's Light.

   Cape Refuge Series - Cape Refuge, Southern Storm, River's Edge, and Breaker's Reef.

   Newpointe 911 Series - Private Justice, Shadow of Doubt, Word of Honor, Trial by Fire, and Line of Duty.

   Sun Coast Chronicles - Evidence of Mercy, Justifiable Means, Ulterior Motives, and Presumption of Guilt.

   Second Chances Series - Never Again Good-bye, When Dreams Cross, Blind Trust, and Broken Wings.

   Other Titles - Soul Restoration, Hope for the Weary;    Emerald Windows; Seaside; Covenant Child; The Listener;    The Gifted; and Sweet Delights.

Lawana Blackwell:

   The Gresham Chronicles - The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, The Widow of Larkspur Inn, and The Jewel of Gresham Green.

   Tales of London Series - Leading Lady, Catherine's Heart, and The Maiden of Mayfair.

   Victoria Serenade Series - Like a River Glorious, Measures of Grace, Jewels for a Crown, and Song of a Soul.

Wanda Brunstetter:

   The Brides of Wesbster County Series - Going Home, On Her Own, and Dear to Me.

   Sisters of Holmes County Series - A Sister's Secret and A Sister's Test.

T. Davis Bunn (a.k.a. Thomas Locke):

   One False Move and The Presence.

John Bunyan:

   The Pilgrim's Progress  (Dangerous Journey is a beautifully illustrated version of this story written for younger children.)

Taylor Caldwell:

   The Strong City (1942), The Wide House (1945), Melissa (1948), Let Love Come Last (1949), The Balance Wheel (1951),  A Prologue to Love (1962), A Pillar of Iron (1965), Dialogues with the Devil (1967), Bright Flows the River (1978), Answer as a Man (1981), and The Arm and the Darkness. 

Melody Carlson:

   Diary of a Teenage Girl Series:  The Life of Kim Peterson* - Just Ask, Meant to Be, Falling Up, and That Was Then.

   Diary of a Teenage Girl Series:  The Life of Chloe Miller* - My Name is Chloe, Sold Out, Road Trip, and Face the Music.

   Diary of a Teenage Girl Series:  Caitlin O'Conner* - Becoming Me, It's My Life, Who Am I, On My Own, and I Do.

   The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor  * - Bad Connection, Beyond Reach, Playing with Fire, and Payback.

   Tales from Grace Chapel Inn - Back Home Again, Hidden History, and Ready to Wed.

   True Color Series* -  Dark Blue Color Me Lonely, Deep Green Color Me Jealous, Torch Red Color Me Torn, Pitch Black Color Me Lost, Burnt Orange Color Me Wasted, Fool's Gold Color Me Consumed, Blade Silver Color Me Scarred, Bitter Rose Color Me Crushed, Faded Denim Color Me Trapped, Bright Purple Color Me Confused, Moon White Color Me Enchanted, and Harsh Pink Color Me Burned.

   Whispering Pines Series - Someone to Belong To, Looking for You All My Life, and Everything I Long For.

   86 Bloomberg Place Series - I Heart Bloomberg

   Other Titles - Crystal Lies, Finding Alice, Armando's Treasure, Working for Cassandra Jane, Angels in the Snow, The Gift of Christmas Present, Awakening Heart, Blood Sisters, Heartland Skies, Homeward, Shades of Light, and Wiseman's House.

Linda Lee Chaikin:

   Port Royal

G. K. Chesterton (Gilbert Keith Chesterton):

   The Man Who Was Thursday and The Everlasting Man

   Father Brown Mysteries - The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Incredulity of Father Brown, The Secret of Father Brown, and The Scandal of Father Brown.

Mindy Starns Clark:

   Whispers of the Bayou

   The Smart Chick Mystery Series - The Trouble With Tulip, Blind Dates Can Be Murder, and Elementary My Dear Watkins.

   Million Dollar Series - A Penny for Your Thoughts, Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels, A Dime a Dozen, A Quarter for a Kiss, and The Buck Stops Here.

Lori Copeland:

   Brides of the West Series - Faith, June, Hope, Glory, Ruth, and Patience.

   Men of the Saddle Series - The Peacemaker, The Drifter, The Maverick, and The Plainsman.

Henry W. Coray:

   Against the World:  The Odyssey of Athanasius (A great and godly man instrumental in drafting the Nicene Creed.)

Thomas B. Costain:

   The Black Rose * and The Silver Chalice *


   Divine Comedy - Paradisio, Purgatoria, and Inferno.

Jan de Hartog:

   The Peaceable Kingdom

Ted Dekker:

   Circle Trilogy (Fantasy and Suspense) - Black, The Birth of Evil; Red, The Heroic Rescue; and White, The Great Pursuit.

   The Lost Book Series - Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, and Chaos.

   The Martyr's Song Series - Heaven's Wager, When Heaven Weeps, Thunder of Heaven, and The Martyr's Songs.

   Other Titles - Showdown, Saint, Obsessed, A Man Called Blessed, Blessed Child, Skin, Blink of an Eye, and ADAM.

Sandy Dengler:

   Jack Prester Series - Death Valley, A Model Murder, Murder on the Mount, and The Quick & the Dead.

Lloyd C. Douglas:

   The Robe * and The Big Fisherman

Martha Finley: *

   Elsie Dinsmore Series - Elsie Dinsmore (1867); Elsie's Holidays at Roselands (1868); Elsie's Girlhood (1872); Elsie's Womanhood (1875); Elsie's Motherhood (1876); Elsie's Children (1877); Elsie's Widowhood (1880); Grandmother Elsie (1882); Elsie's New Relations (1883); Elsie at Nantucket (1884); The Two Elsie's (1885); Elsie's Kith and Kin (1886); Elsie's Friends at Woodburn (1887); Christmas with Grandma Elsie (1888); Elsie and the Raymonds (1889); Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds (1890); Elsie's Vacation (1891); Elsie at Viamede (1892); Elsie at Ion (1893); Elsie at the World's Fair (1894); Elsie's Journey on Inland Waters (1895); Elsie at Home (1897); Elsie on the Hudson (1898); Elsie in the South (1899); Elsie's Young Folks (1900); Elsie's Winter Trip (1902); Elsie and Her Loved Ones (1903); and Elsie and Her Namesakes (1905).

   Mildred Keith Series -Mildred Keith (1876); Mildred at Roselands (1880); Mildred and Elsie (1881); Mildred's Married Life, and a Winter with Elsie Dinsmore (1882); Mildred at Home: With Something about her Relatives and Friends (1884); Mildred's Boys and Girls (1886); and Mildred's New Daughter (1894).

   Violet Travilla Series

Margaret Frazer:

   Sister Frevisse Mystery Series - The Novice's Tale, The Servant's Tale, The Outlaw's Tale,  The Bishop's Tale, The Boy's Tale, The Murderer's Tale, The Prioress' Tale, The Maiden's Tale, The Reeve's Tale, The Squire's Tale, The Clerk's Tale, The Bastard's Tale, The Hunter's Tale, The Widow's Tale, The Sempster's Tale, The Traitor's Tale, and The Apostate's Tale.

   Joliffe - A Play of Isaac, A Play of Dux Moraud, A Play of Knaves, and A Play of Lords.

Joseph Girzone:

   Joshua Stories - Joshua and the City, Joshua The Homecoming, The Parables of Joshua, and Joshua in a Troubled World.

   Joey:  An Inspiring True Story of Faith and Forgiveness.

Beatrice Gormley:

   Adara (Historical Fiction set during the time of Second Kings.) *

Elizabeth Goudge:

   Little White Horse (Particularly good for younger children)

Graham Greene:

   The Power and the Glory

David Gregory:

   Dinner With a Perfect Stranger and A Day With a Perfect Stranger.

Robin Jones Gunn:

   Glenbrooke Series - Secrets, Whispers, Echoes, Sunsets, Clouds, Waterfalls, Woodlands, Wildflowers, and Tea at Glenbrooke.

   Sisterchicks Series - Sisterchicks on the Loose, Sisterchicks Do the Hula, Sisterchicks in Sombreros, Sisterchicks Down Under, Sisterchicks Say Ooh La La, and Sisterchicks in Gondolas.

   Christy Miller Series * - Summer Promise, A Whisper and a Wish, Yours Forever, Surprise Endings, Island Dreamer, A Heart Full of Hope, True Friends, Starry Night, Seventeen Wishes, A Time to Cherish, Sweet Dreams, A Promise Is Forever, and Peculiar Treasures.

   Sierra Jensen Series * - Only You, Sierra, In Your Dreams, Don't You Wish, Close Your Eyes, Without a Doubt, With This Ring, Open Your Heart, Time Will Tell, Now Picture This, Hold On Tight, Closer Than Ever, and Take My Hand.

   Katie Weldon Series * - Peculiar Treasures and On a Whim

Robin Lee Hatcher:

   Coming to America Series - Dear Lady, Patterns of Love, In His Arms, and Promised to Me.

   Hart's Crossing Series - Legacy Lane, Veterans Way, Diamond Place, and Sweet Dreams Drive.

   Other Titles - Wagered Heart (May 2008); The Perfect Life; Home to Hart's Crossing; Hearts Evergreen; Trouble in Paradise; Return to Me; A Carol for Christmas; Another Chance to Love You; Loving Libby; The Victory Club; Beyond the Shadows; Catching Katie; Speak to Me of Love; Firstborn, Tyndale; Ribbon of Years; The Story Jar; The Shepherd's Voice; Whispers From Yesterday; and The Forgiving Hour.

Dee Henderson:

   The O'Malley Family Series - The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, and The Rescuer.  Prequel - Danger in the Shadows.

   Uncommon Heroes Series - True Devotion, True Valor, True Honor, and True Courage.

   Other Titles - Before I Wake and The Witness.

G. A. Henty (George Alfred Henty):

   The Cat of Bubastes:  A Tale of Ancient Egypt (A young prince of the Rebu is taken captive during a war with the Eygptians.) *

Kathy Herman:

   Poor Mrs. Rigsby

   Baxter Series - Tested by Fire, Day of Reckoning, Vital Signs, High Stakes, and A Fine Line.

   Phantom Hollow Series - Ever Present Danger, Never Look Back, and Grand Scheme.

   Seaport Suspense Novels - A Shred of Evidence, Eye of the Beholder, All Things Hidden, and Not By Chance.

Grace Livingston Hill:

   A Family Series - Marcia Schuyler, Phoebe Dean, and Miranda.

   Other Titles - A Chautauqua Idyl, A Little Servant, The Man of the Desert, A Voice in the Wilderness, Aunt Crete's Emancipation, The Beloved Stranger, The Christmas Bride, The Enchanted Barn, The Forgotten Friend, The Girl from Montana, Pansies for Thoughts, A Sevenfold Trouble, and The War Romance of the Salvation Army.

B. J. Hoff:

   Daybreak Mystery Series - Storm at Daybreak, Image (a.k.a. Captive Voice), The Tangled Web, Vow of Silence, and Dark River Legacy.

   The Mountain Song Legacy - A Distant Music, The Wind Harp, and The Song Weaver.

   The Song of Erin - Cloth of Heaven and Ashes & Lace.

Marjorie Holmes:

   Two From Galilee and Three From Galilee.

Parker Hudson:

   On the Edge and The President.

Hannah Hurnard:

   Hinds' Feet on High Places and Mountains of Spices.

Dave and Neta Jackson:

   Trailblazer Series * - Caught in the Rebel Camp, Frederick Douglass; Exiled to the Red River, Chief Spokane Garry; Blinded by the Shining Path, Rómulo Sauñe; Risking the Forbidden Game, Maude Cary; Roundup of the Street Rovers, Charles Loring Brace; Sinking the Dayspring, John G. Paton; Drawn By a China Moon, Lottie Moon; Journey to the End of the Earth, William J. Seymour; Hostage on the Nighthawk, William Penn; The Forty-Acre Swindle, George Washington Carver; Ambushed in Jaguar Swamp, Barbrooke Grubb; Race for the Record, Joy Ridderhof; Mask of the Wolf Boy, Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth; Assassins in the Cathedral, Festo Kivengere; The Gold Miners’ Rescue, Sheldon Jackson; The Mayflower Secret, Governor William Bradford; Fate of the Yellow Woodbee, Nate Saint; Defeat of the Ghost Riders, Mary Bethune; The Drummer Boy’s Battle, Florence Nightingale; Traitor in the Tower, John Bunyan; Quest for the Lost Prince, Samuel Morris; The Warrior’s Challenge, David Zeisberger; Thieves of Tyburn Square, Elizabeth Fry; The Runaway’s Revenge, John Newton; Abandoned on the Wild Frontier, Peter Cartwright; Danger on the Flying Trapeze, Dwight L. Moody; The Betrayer’s Fortune, Menno Simons; Flight of the Fugitives, Gladys Aylward; Trial by Poison, Mary Slessor; Attack in the Rye Grass, Narcissa & Marcus Whitman; Listen for the Whippoorwill, Harriet Tubman; Shanghaied to China, Hudson Taylor; The Bandit of Ashley Downs, George Mueller; Imprisoned in the Golden City, Adoniram & Ann Judson; The Chimney Sweep’s Ransom, John Wesley; Escape from the Slave Traders, David Livingston; The Hidden Jewel, Amy Carmichael; Spy for the Night Riders, Martin Luther; The Queen’s Smuggler, William Tyndale; and Kidnapped by River Rats, William & Catherine Booth.

Grant Jeffrey andAngela Hunt:

   By Dawn's Early Light, Flee the Darkness, and The Spear of Tyranny.

Douglas M. Jones III:

   Huguenot Garden (Young twin sisters who are Protestants are living in the 17th century France.) *

Jan Karon:

   Home to Holly Springs (A Father Tim Novel)

   The Mitford Years Series - At Home in Mitford; A Light in the Window; These High, Green Hills; Out to Canaan; A New Song; A Common Life:  The Wedding Story; In This Mountain; Shepherds Abiding; and Light From Heaven.

Sue Monk Kidd:

   When the Heart Waits, Firstlight, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, The Mermaid Chair, and The Secret Life of Bees.

Esther Ahn Kim:

   If I Perish (Ahn Ei Sook was a Christian Korean teacher persecuted by the Japanese during WWII.) *

Karen Kingsbury:

   Firstborn Series - Fame, Forgiven, Found, Family, and Forever.

   Tuesday Morning Series - One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning.

   Forever Faithful Series - Waiting for Morning, A Moment of Weakness, and Halfway to Forever.

   Sunrise Series - Sunrise, Summer, Someday, and Sunset.

Peter Kreeft:

   Between Heaven and Hell - A Dialogue Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley (These three men died within hours of each other.)

Al Lacy:

   Journeys of the Stranger Series - Legacy, Silent Abduction, Blizzard, Tears of the Sun, Circle of Fire, Quiet Thunder, and Snow Ghost.

Beverly LaHaye andTerri Blackstock:

   Season Series - Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Time and Seasons, and Season of Blessing.

   Other Titles - Between Sundays, Just Beyond the Clouds, Ever After, A Time to Dance, On Every Side, When Joy Came to Stay, Where Yesterday Lives, Like Dandelion Dust, Divine, and Oceans Apart.

Joyce Landorf:

   I Came to Love You Late

Wendy Lawton:  *

   The Tinker's Daughter (Mary Bunyan is the daughter of John Bunyan who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress.)

   Almost Home (Mary Chilton was one of the 102 passengers aboard the Mayflower.)

   Hallelujah Lass (Eliza Shirley lived in 19th century England.)

   Ransom's Mark (Olive Oatman and her sister were traveling west by wagon train when they were taken by Yavapais renegades.  A year later they are ransomed by Mohaves who mark Olive as ransomed.)

   Courage to Run (Harriet Tubman)

   Shadow of His Hand (Anita Dittman is a Jewish girl living in Nazi Germany.)

Tamara Leigh:

   Stealing Adda, Perfecting Kate, and Splitting Harriet.

Tracy Michele Leininger:

   Alone Yet Not Alone * (The author tells a true story about an ancestor who was captured by the Indians.  Her Christian faith sustains her during this challenge.)

Beverly Lewis:

   Abram's Daughters Series - The Covenant, The Betrayal, The Sacrifice, The Prodigal, and The Revelation.

   Heritage of Lancaster County Series - The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning.

   Amish Country Crossroads - Sanctuary, The Crossroad, and The Postcard.

   Annie's People Series - The Preacher's Daughter, The Englisher, and The Brethren.

   The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series - The Parting and The Forbidden.

   The Redemption of Sarah Cain and The Sunroom

C. S. Lewis:

  The 7 volume Chronicles of Narnia* is a tale of good against evil with very definite Christian influences. Lewis was an atheist who because of his friendship with Tolkien became a Christian. This strongly affected his writing.
The seven books are as follows:  The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Battle.

   Also by C. S. Lewis - The Screwtape Letters, Till We Have Faces, God in the Dock, The Pilgrim's Regress, and The Great Divorce.

George MacDonald:

   The Baronet's Song, The Curate's Awakening, and A Daughter's Devotion.

Paul Maier:

   Pontius Pilate

Catherine Marshall:

   Christy and Julie

Lurlene McDaniel:

   Angels in Pink - Kathleen’s Story; Raina’s Story; and Holly’s Story.

   One Last Wish Series - A Time to Die; Please Don’t Die; Mourning Song; She Died Too Young; Mother, Help Me Live; All the Days of Her Life; Someone Dies, Someone Lives; A Season for Goodbye; Sixteen and Dying; Reach for Tomorrow; Let Him Live; and The Legacy: Making Wishes Come True.

   The Dawn Rochelle Series - Six Months to Live; I Want to Live; So Much to Live For; No Time to Cry; and To Live Again.

   Angel/Amish Trilogy - Angels Watching Over Me; Lifted Up by Angels; and Until Angels Close My Eyes.

   Companion Novels - Angel of Mercy; Angel of Hope; Somewhere Between Life and Death; Time to Let Go; The End of Forever; Too Young to Die; Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever; Till Death Do Us Part; and For Better, For Worse, Forever.

   Other Novels - Hit and Run; Letting go of Lisa; pBriana's Gift; Last Dance; The Time Capsule; Garden of Angels; A Rose for Melinda; Telling Christina Goodbye; How Do I Love Thee; The Girl Death Left Behind; Starry, Starry Night; I’ll Be Seeing You; Saving Jessica; Don’t Die, My Love; Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep; Baby Alicia Is Dying; When Happily Ever After Ends; and Prey.

Eloise Jarvis McGraw:

   The Golden Goblet (Young Ranofer find a golden goblet which must have been stolen from one of the tombs in the City of the dead.) *

   Mara, Daughter of the Nile * 

Jean McAnlisMcMurdie: *

   Land of the Morning (Autobiography of Jean who was the daughter of a Phillipine missionary.  Four days after Pearl Harbor the Japanese invaded her hometown.  Though she and her siblings went with other missionary families into the hills, they were captured and interned.)

Lucy Maud Montgomery: *

   Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, and Anne's House of Dreams.

Gilbert Morris:

   The Winslow Family Series - The Beloved Enemy, The Royal Handmaid, The Silent Harp, The Virtuous Woman, The Gypsy Moon, The Unlikely Allies, The High Calling, The Hesitant Hero, The Widow's Choice, The White Knight, and The Honorable Imposter

   The American Century Series - A Bright Tomorrow, Hope Takes Flight, One Shining Moment, A Season of Dreams, Winds of Change, and Pages of Promise.

   Singing River Series - The Homeplace, The Dream, The Miracle, and The Courtship.

   Lions of Judah Series - Heart of a Lion, No Woman So Fair, The Gates of Heaven, Till Shiloh Comes, and By Way of the Wilderness.

Robert Boyd Munger:

   My Heart, Christ's Home

Andre Norton: *

   Shadow Hawk (Set during Egypt's fight for freedom from the Hyksos invaders.)

Janette Oke:

   Women of the West Series - Roses for Mama, A Gown of Spanish Lace, The Bluebird and the Sparrow, Too Long a Stranger, Julia's Last Hope, The Calling of Emily Evans, Heart of the Wilderness, They Called Her Mrs. Doc, A Woman Named Damaris, The Measure of a Heart, Drums of Change, A Bride for Donnigan.

   Seasons of the Heart Series - Once Upon a Summer, The Winds of Autumn, Winter is Not Forever, and Spring's Gentle Promise.

   Canadian West Series - When Calls the Heart, When Comes the Spring, When Breaks the Dawn, When Hope Springs New, Beyond the Gathering Storm, and When Tomorrow Comes.

   Loves Comes Softly Series - Love Comes Softly, Love's Enduring Promise, Love's Long Journey, Love's Abiding Joy, Love's Unending Legacy, Love's Unfolding Dream, Love Takes Wing, and Love Finds a Home.

   Prairie Legacy Series - The Tender Years, A Searching Heart, A Quiet Strength, and Like Gold Refined.

Virginia Stem Owens:


Donita K. Paul: *

   Dragon Keepers Chronicles - Dragon Spell, Dragon Quest, Dragon Knight, Dragon Fire, and Dragon Light.

Jane Peart: 

   Brides of Montclair - Yankee Bride (1984); Rebel Bride (1985); Ransomed Bride (1986); Valiant Bride (1989); Folly's Bride (1990); Fortune's Bride (1990); Gallant Bride (1990); Destiny's Bride (1991); Shadow Bride (1991); Jubilee Bride (1992); Hero's Bride (1993); Mirror Bride (1993); Senator's Bride (1994); Daring Bride: Montclair At the Crossroads, 1932-1939 (1997); Courageous Bride (1998); and A Montclair Homecoming (2000).

   Orphan Train West - Quest for Lasting Love (1990); Dreams of a Longing Heart (1990); Homeward the Seeking Heart (1990); The Heart's Lonely Secret (1994); April and May (2000); Ivy and Allison (2000); Kit (2000); Laurel (2000); and Toddy (2000).

   Westward Dreams - Promise of the Valley (1995); Westward Dreams (2000); Runaway Heart (1994); Where Tomorrow Waits (1995); and A Distant Dawn (1995).

   Edgecliffe Manor - Shadow of Fear (1996); Web of Deception (1996); A Perilous Bargain (1997); Thread of Suspicion (1998); and A Sinister Silence (2002).

   American Quilt - The Pledge (1996); The Promise (1996); and The Pattern (1996). 

   Other Novels - Love Takes Flight (1984); Sign of the Carousel (1985); A Scent of Heather (1985); Autumn Encore (1985); The Risk of Loving (1997); Promises to Keep (1998); Undaunted Spirit (1999); Circle of Love (1999); A Tangled Web (2001); and Sandcastles (2004).

Judith Pella:

   Patchwork Circle Series - Bachelor's Puzzle and Sister's Choice.

   Daughters of Fortune Series - Written on the Wind, Somewhere a Song, Toward the Sunrise, and Homeward My Heart.

   Ribbons of Steel Series - Distant Dreams, A Hope Beyond, and A Promise for Tomorrow.

   Ribbons West Series - Westward the Dream, Separate Roads, and Ties That Bind.

   Other Titles - Mark of the Cross, Texas Angel, and Beloved Stranger.

Frank Peretti:

   The Cooper Kids Adventure Series * - The Door in the Dragon's Throat (1985), Escape from the Island of Aquarius (1986), The Tombs of Anak (1987), Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea (1988), The Secret of the Desert Stone (1996), The Deadly Curse of Toco-rey (1996), The Legend of Annie Murphy (1997), and Mayday at Two Thousand Five Hundred Feet (1998).

   The Veritas Project Series - Hangman's Curse (2001) and Nightmare Academy (2002).

   Other Adult Novels - This Present Darkness (1986), Piercing the Darkness (1988), Tilly (1988), All Is Well: The Miracle of Christmas in July (1991), Prophet (1992), The Oath (1995), The Visitation (1999), and Monster (2005). 

Alicia Peterson:

   A Sparrow Alone (A young Jewish girl who lives in Roman occupied Jerusalem meets Jesus) *

Tracie Peterson:

   Ladies of Liberty Series - A Lady of High Regard and A Lady of Hidden Intent.

   Desert Roses Series - Shadows of the Canyon, Across the Years, and Beneath a Harvest Sky.

   Heirs of Montana Series - Land of My Heart, The Coming Storm, The Dream Anew, and The Hope Within.

   Westward Chronicles - A Shelter of Hope, Hidden in a Whisper, and A Veiled Reflection.

   Yukon Quest - Treasure of the North, Ashes and Ice, and Rivers of Gold.

   Alaskan Quest Series - Summer of the Midnight Sun, Under the Northern Lights, and Whispers of Winter.

   Other Titles - Where My Heart Belongs and What She Left for Me.

Michael Phillips:

   Secret of Rose Series - The Eleventh Hour, A Rose Remembered, Escape to Freedom, and Dawn of Liberty.

   Carolina Cousins Series - A Perilous Proposal, The Soldier's Lady, Never Too Late, and Miss Kate's Rosewood.

   Shenandoah Sisters Series - Angels Watching Over Me, A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton, The Color of Your Skin Ain't the Color of Your Heart, and Together Is All We Need.

Michael Phillips and Judith Pella:

   Stonewycke Trilogy - Heather Hills of Stonewycke, Flight from Stonewycke, Lady of Stonewycke.

Eugenia Price:

   St. Simons Trilogy - The Beloved Invader, New Moon Rising, and Lighthouse.

   Savannah Quartet - Savannah, To See Your Face Again, Before Darkness Falls, and Stranger in Savannah.

   Other Titles - Another Day and The Waiting Time. 

Piet Prins:  *

   When the Morning Came, Dispelling the Tyranny, and The Beggar's Victory (All three are set during the Roman Catholic persecution of the Reformed Christians of the Netherlands.)

Mary Ray:  *

   Ides of April (Hylas is a Greek slave in the household of a Roman Senator.  When the Senator is murdered all of the house slaves are under suspicion.)

   Beyond the Desert Gate (Sequel to Ides of April)

Francine Rivers:

   Mark of theLion Trilogy - A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, and As Sure as the Dawn.

   Sons of Encouragement Series - The Priest, The Warrior, The Prince, The Prophet, and The Scribe.

   Lineage of Grace Series - Unveiled, Unashamed, Unshaken, Unspoken, and Unafraid.

   Other Titles - The Last Sin Eater, Redeeming Love, The Scarlet Thread, Leota's Garden, The Atonement Child, and The Shofar Blew.

Margaret Rogers:

   The Magdalene Woman

Charles Sheldon:

   In His Steps

Lauraine Snelling:

   Red River of the North Series - An Untamed Land, A New Day Rising, A Land to Call Home, The Reaper's Song, Tender Mercies, and Blessing in Disguise.

   Return to Red River Series - A Dream to Follow, Believing the Dream, and More Than a Dream.

   Dakotah Treasures Series - Ruby, Pearl, Opal, and Amethyst.

   Other Titles - The Brushstroke Legacy and Breaking Free.

Elizabeth George Speare:  *

   The Bronze Bow (A Jewish boy's fear and hatred of the Romans changes when he encounters Jesus.)

Patricia St. John:

   Twice Freed * (Onesimus is a runaway slave during the 1st century.  This story is derived from the New Testament Book of Philemon.)

   Other Titles * - The Tanglewood's Secret, Treasures of the Snow, and Rainbow Garden

Barbara M. Sutryn:  (Lives very near my home town!)

   The Sign Painter

Tommy Tenney: *

   Hadassah:  The Girl Who Became Queen Esther

Brock and Brodie Thoene:

   A.D. Chronicles (Historical Fiction Set in Israel at the time of Jesus) - First Light, Second Touch, Third Watch, Fourth Dawn, Fifth Seal, Sixth Covenant, and Seventh Day.

   The Zion Chronicles - The Gates of Zion, A Daughter of Zion, The Return to Zion, A Light in Zion, and The Key to Zion.

   The Zion Legacy Series - Jerusalem Vigil, Thunder from Jerusalem, Jerusalem's Heart, The Jerusalem Scrolls, Stones of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem's Hope.

   The Zion Covenant Series - Vienna Prelude, Prague Counterpoint, Munich Signature, Jerusalem Interlude, Danzig Passage, Warsaw Requiem, London Refrain, Paris Encore, and Dunkirk Crescendo.

   Shiloh Legacy Series - In My Father's House, A Thousand Shall Fall, and Say to This Mountain.

   Wayward Wind Series - Winds of Promise, To Gather the Wind, and Winds of Cumberland.

Diane K. Todd:

   Shadow Wind and Shadow of Doubt.

J. R. R. Tolkien:  *

   The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Two Towers, The Return of the King, and Silmarillion.

Lucille Travis:*

   Tirzah (A Hebrew slave girl and her family serve the Egyptians until they escape with Moses.)

Ellen Gunderson Traylor:

   John, Son of Thunder

Louise A. Vernon:*

   The Bible Smuggler (William Tyndale wishes to translate the Bible into English so the people of England can read the Scriptures.)

   Ink on his Fingers (Young Hans wants of be a scribe and copy the Bible, but his life changes dramatically when his father dies.)

   The King's Book (Everyone wants to know who the secret editor of the King James Bible is.  The story is told by Nat Culver, son of one of the translators.)

   Strangers in the Land (The Huguenots of France who came to Boston around 1686)

Laura Jensen Walker:

   Dreaming in Black and White, Dreaming in Technicolor, Reconstructing Natalie, and Miss Invisible.

Sydney Watson:

   The Mark of the Beast, In the Twinkling of an Eye, and Scarlet & Purple.

Marian Wells:

   Starlight Trilogy - The Wishing Star; Star Light, Star Bright; and Morning Star.

Morris West:

   The Shoes of the Fisherman

Joe Wheeler:  (Compiled/editedcollections of shortstories)

   Christmas in My Heart, Great Stories Remembered, and Heart to Heart.

Lori Wick:

   Big Sky Dreams Series - Cassidy and Sabrina.

   Yellow Rose Trilogy - Every Little Thing You Do, A Texas Sky, and City Girl.

   Rocky Mountain Memories Series - Where the Wild Rose Blooms, Whispers of Moonlight, To Know Her by Name, and Promise Me Tomorrow.

   The California Series - Whatever Tomorrow Brings, As Time Goes By, Sean Donovan, and Donovan's Daughter.

   Kensington Chronicles - The Hawk and the Jewel, Wings of the Morning, Who Brings Forth the Wind, and The Knight and the Dove.

   Tucker Mills Trilogy - Moonlight on the Millpond, Just Above a Whisper, and Leave a Candle Burning.

   The English Garden Series - The Proposal, The Rescue, The Visitor, and The Pursuit.

Brenda Wilbee (Plug cord into socket):

   Sweet Briar Series - Sweet Briar, Sweet Briar Bride, Sweet Briar Spring, Sweet Briar Summer, Sweet Briar Autumn, and Sweet Briar Hope.

Charles Williams:

   War in Heaven and Many Dimensions

Joanne Williamson:

   God King (The Year is 701 B.C. and Eygpt is ruled by the Kushite dynasty.  Hezekiah is one of the few kings faithful to God.) *

Douglas Wilson:

   For Kirk and Covenant:  The Stalwart Courage of John Knox (Father of Scottish Presbyterianism) *

Sally Wright:

   Ben Reese Mystery Series - Publish & Perish, Pride & Predator, Pursuit & Persuasion, Out of the Ruins, and The Book Breaker's Mission.

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