The authors task finally finished?

You have just typed your last full stop and now your job as an author is finally over!  At this point it would definitely be best to think again.  Some authors write just for themselves, but most compose in order to be heard by other people.  If you are in the second group you have only completed half your task.  Next, of course, you need to submit what you have written to a test audience, publish it, market it and promote it.  You cannot simply rely on the merits of your writing.  Your book will be part of a very large group of books on sale and you will have to work to make yours stand out.  For a creative person this can be a very dull, frustrating and arduous task.  This is why I have created the Internet Book Publication & Promotion Bibliography.  It is primarily an annotated list of Web links compiled especially for (1) those seeking to be published for the first time, (2) those who self-publish, and (3) those seeking to be published by or are published by a small publisher (i.e. a business willing to produce a limited print run).  It is designed to pull all of the information you need together into one document for concise, easy perusal and access.  It is designed to allow you the freedom to write rather than spend hours, days, weeks researching publishing businesses.

The Internet Book Publication & Promotion Bibliography In Brief

This package costs $5.50 (AUD).   Please note that there is a currency converter at the bottom of this page for your convenience.  The Bibliography lists Web links to sites which can assist you in writing, publishing, marketing & promoting your book on the Internet.  For example, it (1) directs the author to reviewers (some of whom provide multi-site promotion services), and (2) it refers writers to Twitter book promotion services.  The Internet Book Publication & Promotion Bibliography is a ready-made road-map and will save you weeks of tiring, boring research.  It includes links to sites for:


Writing, Publishing, Marketing & Promotion Advice & Assistance

Beta Readers


Independent Editors (Assess your text)

Cover Art & Illustrations

Self-Publishers & Small Publishers (Multiple Service Providers)

Ebook Conversion (AZW3, MOBI, EPUB)

Ebook Sellers

Book Sellers

Author Pages & Blog Pages (your own)

Promotion to Libraries

Reviewers for Amazon etc.

Review Magazines & Reviewing Blogs,

Interviews, radio & video

Book Advertisement Firms (e.g. Twitter services)

Free resources for authors


I will invoice you at your email address by PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account but please advise me if this is the case.   If you prefer not to use PayPal, a cheque posted by mail is acceptable.


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