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I'm impressed with Tom Campbell's "My Big TOE" book

(Mar 2, 2012) Another person I'm very impressed lately is Tom Campbell, author of "My Big TOE" book ("My Big TOE" book at gogle.books can be read fully). TOE = theory of everything. 
In this video Tom gives his explanation of the double-slit experiment - the most famous experiment in physics. It has started quantum mechanics. Tom explains why it works as it works. To do this he needs to give a logical explanation to wave-particle paradox.
Shorter animated account of what is happening in the double slit experiment from "What the bleep?" movie
I'd say, this book almost leaves no questions unanswered. Yesterday thougth to myself - now when I know how it works - it's time to think of a way to use it more cleverly!
Talk about sendign love and Tom Campbell:
1: hey kostya, what has all than qantum mechanics stuff to do with sending love? or is it just something you are also interested
- Tom Campbell's book allows us to understand why sending love has an effect and how exactly it works
1: ah ok, i have to read it then. is there a real book available? or just ebook?
- yes, you can buy a paper book from google books, I think

Our body is a device

The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit. 
*~ Rumi ~*

(8 Oct 29012) interesting saying that reminds me about the view I've learned from Tom Campbell and his My Big Toe book.
Our mind is a neuron computer, we live in a virtual reality. The only real thing is - the consciousness. Our consciousness and that of other people...

Freedom - is basic quality of this world

(Jan 20, 2012) Freedom is a basic quality of this world. It's not of love, it's of freedom. One can choose love, fear, self-awareness, dreams, right, wrong, anything.
We are free to choose anything! Not just anything availabe right now - but anything.
Maybe almost anything? We can't grow back teeth or lost leg or an arm? I'm not sure about this, althugh it doesn't seem to be an impossible thing to do.
But short of this we really can choose anything - and have it. Money or no money, health or sickness, happiness or depression - it's all a matter of choice.

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