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About me

A bit about my recent meditation expertience

(Mar 21, 2012) I'm on my first go through The Gateway Experience. Now I'm on Wave 5
I've looked through MBT book and read some parts of it
And for 12 years I practice Sending Love - that is sort of meditation in which one directs his or her attention. I'm giving seminars on it and I'm writing a book about it: https://sites.google.com/site/bookonlove/
Oh, and I already conversed with some non-physical entieties during The Gateway meditations. Got some good ideas from them. They felt pretty different from each other. Was an interesting experience.

Here is what I've written about myself before

(2008) How the quest for Love began for me

In October 1998 I discovered for myself books of Osho Rajneesh (I shall put some of his books on Love on other books page). This spiritual Master showed the wider world an alternative to the usual order of things. Osho challenged the world based on fear and taught his students to base their lives on Love. In different countries they created communities based on Love.

I wanted to know more about Love and searched for more books

I was very impressed with all the new information on Unconditional Love from Osho Rajneesh books. Also my whole body was responding to this new experience. And I wanted to know more about this most powerful thing -- LOVE. So I searched the internet and found another most wonderful piece of knowledge -- "Living on Love" site by Klaus Joehle. On that site author of a book "There is an Angel under my bed and a Dragon inside" (now the name is changed to "The Messenger") was proposing sending text of the book to all interested and was asking in return for $5 -- if you liked the book. (In a year or so Klaus Joehle would drop this request.)
I believe it was a great idea that creates sort of partnership between a reader and the author.

Book of Love exercises worked!

The book was all I looked for at that time. I did the exercises from the book of love and experienced groundbreaking wave of much love. I loved the book so much that mailed author requested $5. I was so happy to do this!

Written in 2002:

I'm male, 35, name is Kostya Kovalenko and I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I wanna do only the things I love to do.

I live all my life in Kiev (Soviet Union then Ukraine) except for 2 years of compulsory military service (1985-87) on a military plant in Kharkiv, Ukraine. They used not to draft university students into military but with my luck :)))) they have changed that law almost exactly for my 2-year window of opportunity. So I was drafted buy I missed the opportunity that military service was giving me -- the opportunity to meet real life, to get out of my false world view. To escape artificial book world and enter the world where real people live. Well, it didn't happen at that time. I only wish I dared enter life at that time.

After the military service I finished my university (1995, Kiev Polytechnic Institute)) with diploma in engineering and was surprised to feel that I'm interested in neither continuing my education nor in working as an engineer. It was Perestroika times and traditional occupations (like engineering) were paying low. For a while I continued my small business of selling Ukrainian post stamps abroad. Then I felt it becomes boring and thought that it would be cool to work for a while for a Western company. In half a year that happened -- American Embassy in Kiev hired me to work in their warehouse and with property. At first it was exciting, then I was getting bored.

At the end of 1998 I found books by Osho Rajneesh and "The Messenger" by Klaus Joehle -- and began changing. I began looking at the real world, I began to see real causes of my actions, I began to see love and fear and began to understand what they do to me and to others. I saw falseness in the branch of spirituality I was exploring before -- Theosophy spin-off. In March of 1999 I experienced a very intense romantic love with a girl I met on "Flower of Life" seminar in Kiev given by Tom de Winter of Holland. At the same time I dared to apply my newfound spiritual truths to my everyday life. My work time in the Embassy became much more pleasant. I consciously ceased to be an effective office worker and instead I made my priority my feelings and the people around. I was very surprised at how more interesting my life became! But by June 1999 I felt it's time for me to go.

I had a great summer, attended Boris Zolotov seminar in August and in October or November I began translating spiritual books for Ukrainian/Russian publisher -- another job from my dreams. I did 3 books for them -- on Japa-Yoga (repeating mantras), Michael teaching (parallel realities, choosing PR, etc.) and "Family of Light" by Barbara Marciniak (aliens, love is the strongest force, sexuality, fear = Klaus stuff). I was in a relationship with another girl from FOL seminar (the first one had a partner and didn't leave him so we remained friends). By November I moved into her home, where she lived with her 5 year son and her parents. She liked "The Messenger" and began translating it into Russian for the fun of it. I joined her and when we parted in may of 2000 I finished this translation alone and put it on the internet. A lot of people like it.

Since then I got another dream job -- working with Drunvalo Melchizedek on the internet. I wrote several articles for his "Spirit of Maat" magazine. Now I feel I'm moving on again. Feeling future events and choosing future events, love, vortexes is my new and very exciting interest.

Updated in 2005

A lot has happened since I have written the above bio for a Lottery group. "The Messenger" has been published in Russia and other Klaus Joehle books are coming along.
Spanish and Portuguese editions are coming too. And most importantly - U.S. edition is around the corner.
When I look back I see that the people I met (O.I., Ellen, Boris Zolotov, Vladimir Stepanov, Alexander Klein) and the events I went through taught me things I need now to help Klaus make his message heard. How interesting!

Short link to this page - http://j.mp/Kc6IYM