Welcome to Book Club 106! This book club was created in an attempt to achieve two main purposes:

  1. Force Ben Rimes to read more than one book a year (shameful, I know).
  1. Provide a flexible book club format that lets all member participate in real time, or whenever they can make time.
I know this isn't the flashiest looking site, and it certainly won't win any Webby or design awards, but I hope that it might serve as just one model for others trying to put together an online book club that allows you to be a part of the conversation around a book, without having to be present for the actual face to face discussion. Even though I'm an educator, and many of my interest in books may be educational in nature, this book club is open to anyone who wants an excuse to read (because I certainly don't do enough of it), enjoys playing around with technology, and is looking for a way to connect with others on a flexible schedule.