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  • The capital and largest city of the Netherlands; pop. 702,440 . It is an important port and financial center, esp. known for its diamond industry
  • an industrial center and the nominal capital of the Netherlands; center of the diamond-cutting industry; seat of an important stock exchange; known for its canals and art museum
  • Amsterdam (; Dutch ) is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. The city, which had a population (including suburbs) of 1.
  • The Amsterdam Amtrak station (AMS) is an Amtrak train station in Amsterdam, New York. It is located on Railroad Street just off of West Main Avenue (NY 5-67) and is also a popular railfanning location on the busy CSX Chicago Line, which sees 70–80 freight trains per day.
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Get Lost!: The Cool Guide to Amsterdam (Get Lost: The Cool Guide to Amsterdam)
Get Lost!: The Cool Guide to Amsterdam (Get Lost: The Cool Guide to Amsterdam)
Get Lost! is back. The new, 11th edition sizzles with the freshest and most exciting things to do in Amsterdam. Opinionated, but never irreverent, Get Lost! remains the only guide to cover Amsterdam's underground culture accurately and extensively. Get Lost! leads travelers to the cheapest, funkiest and most delicious spots in town: Inexpensive organic restaurants, cool bars and clubs, an array of alternative museums and galleries, mind-expanding cafes, one- of- a-kind shops, theme hotels--even the kinkiest Red-Light-District corners. Readers trust the Cool Guide for practical information that every visitor needs--accommodation, transport, weather, etc. But they also read it for the lowdown on more obscure topics, like local pirate radio, fair trade cannabis and the Amsterdam squat scene. As always, Get Lost! is printed on post consumer paper and uses soy-based ink. With this legendary guide, every traveler has a cool friend in Amsterdam.

Joe Pauker, who refers to himself as "a goof," has compiled what is perhaps the funniest, most original guide available to the city of Amsterdam. Get Lost! The Cool Guide to Amsterdam, which is clearly not aimed at mainstream travelers, will take you to the places that standard guidebooks don't bother to cover (at least not in any detail): sex shows, hemp and 'shroom shops, and places where you can get free samples of cheese when you're too low on cash to buy food. Pauker's not shy about sharing his opinions, either. On taxis: "They're expensive, and they treat cyclists like shit, but if you really need one ... [they're] very comfortable." On banks and developers who would evict squatters: they're "conservative pigs who care more about money than people." And on cannabis: "nederwiet (Dutch grown weed, such as Northern Lights) is spectacular."
Off-the-wall humor and opinions aside, you get the feeling that Pauker really knows Amsterdam and wouldn't give you bum advice. Hotels and hostels (including the comfortable couches at Schiphol Airport), restaurants, attractions, and shopping are all covered in some detail, and obvious care was taken in selecting those establishments hip enough (and cheap enough) to make it into the book. If you're the kind of traveler who might need the Dutch translation of "stoned as a shrimp," or if you simply appreciate a fresh perspective and directions away from the trampled path, let Pauker be your guide to the "coolest, most happening city in Europe."

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Amsterdam, Holland
Amsterdam, Holland
Everyone was spread out over Amsterdam. Sav and Nicki were in a 5-star hotel, Jenny and Donnchadh were in another plush hotel. Ryo and Riko were another hotel. I was in a hostel and Fi, Pete, Gaz and Windy were staying at a very cheap hotel. Everyone was still tired from the flight, so we decided to meet later in the day after unpacking luggage and freshening ourselves up. I followed the Windy, Gaz, Pete and Fi crowd to their hotel.
i like red boats!
i like red boats!
Well...this is Amsterdam, this is what it looks like! I had just arrived from a crazy flight. I took a cheaper flight with Icelandair, where I had to leave Montreal, via New York via Iceland. It was long!!! trops long!!! but hey i am it's all relative...and if you save a couple of hundred dollars, its worth it! So I arrived here to many canals and really cute boats!

cheap amsterdam flights