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brazil flight missing
  • Not present or included when expected or supposed to be
  • not able to be found; "missing in action"; "a missing person"
  • (of a thing) Not able to be found because it is not in its expected place
  • Missing is a 2009 BBC TV series starring Pauline Quirke and Mark Wingett. The series is a ten-part drama for BBC Daytime, set in a busy Missing Persons Unit. Quirke played DS Mary Jane "MJ" Croft, a charismatic detective who runs the under-resourced unit.
  • (of a person) Absent from a place, esp. home, and of unknown whereabouts
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  • the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter
  • The largest country in South America, in the east-central part of the continent, on the Atlantic Ocean; pop. 184,100,000; capital, Brasilia; official language, Portuguese
  • brazil nut: three-sided tropical American nut with white oily meat and hard brown shell
  • (brazilian) of or relating to or characteristic of Brazil or the people of Brazil
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brazil flight missing - Missing: A
Missing: A Memoir
Missing: A Memoir
A twenty-five-year-old recent graduate of Columbia University’s MFA program, Lindsay Harrison began writing Missing as a way to cope with a terrible loss. During her sophomore year at Brown University, Lindsay received a phone call from her brother that her mother was missing. Forty days later they discover the unthinkable: Their mother’s body had been found in the ocean.
Missing is at first a page-turning account of those first forty days, as it chronicles dealings with detectives, false sightings, wild hope, and deep despair. The balance of the story is a candid, emotional exploration of a daughter’s search for solace after tragedy as she tries to understand who her mother truly was, makes peace with her grief, and becomes closer to her father and brothers as her mother’s death forces her to learn more about her mother than she ever knew before.

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Chile, notícias de 01.03.10 (10Hs. Brasília)...***...Chile, news Mar 01,2010 (Brazilia 10Hr.=Brazil)
Chile, notícias de 01.03.10 (10Hs. Brasília)...***...Chile, news Mar 01,2010 (Brazilia 10Hr.=Brazil)
Chile tenta se levantar apos terremoto com mais de 700 mortos CONCEPCION, Chile (Reuters) O Chile tentava nesta segunda-feira se levantar apos o forte terremoto e varios tsunamis que deixaram mais de 700 mortos, apagaram do mapa povoados inteiros e obrigaram o governo a colocar militares nas ruas para combater os saques. Mas o caos ainda reinava na regiao central do Chile, onde dezenas de milhares de pessoas passaram a segunda noite na intemperie por temor de mais replicas, depois do terremoto que destruiu casas, derrubou pontes e alterou suas vidas. O numero oficial de mortos pelo sismo subiu para 711, enquanto cenas horripilantes de destruicao emergiam em cidades isoladas, encharcadas por ondas gigantes provocadas por um dos terremotos mais violentos em um seculo. Cerca de 1,5 milhao de casas foram danificadas e mais de 2 milhoes - ou 12,5% dos 16 milhoes de habitantes do Chile - foram afetados. Ha muitos desaparecidos, e algumas cidades permanecem isoladas. O maremoto causado pelo tremor destruiu casas e carros em aldeias de pescadores na longa costa chilena. So na cidade de Constitucion houve cerca de 350 mortos, disseram funcionarios de emergencia a TV local. Um toque de recolher noturno entrou em vigor na regiao de Maule e na cidade de Concepcion, onde centenas de saqueadores atacaram lojas em busca de comida e outros produtos. Em Concepcion, sobreviventes acampados nas calcadas descontaram sua frustracao em bombeiros que distribuiam agua potavel em garrafas termicas e chaleiras, danificando seus veiculos. A policia prendeu varias pessoas por realizarem saques e violarem o toque de recolher. IMPACTO NOS MERCADOS Devido a preocupacoes com o abastecimento de cobre, do qual o Chile e o maior exportador mundial, a cotacao do produto atingiu seu maior valor em cinco semanas na London Metal Exchange. Acoes de mineradoras tambem tiveram alta. Os mercados podem ajudar a esclarecer a dimensao do impacto economico no Chile, pais mais desenvolvido da America Latina. A empresa Eqecat, especializada em ajudar seguradoras a avaliar riscos de catastrofes, disse que o prejuizo com o terremoto pode alcancar 30 bilhoes de dolares, ou 15 por cento do PIB chileno. O Japao anunciou uma doacao de 3 milhoes de dolares ao Chile, junto com o envio de tendas, geradores, purificadores de agua e outros equipamentos de emergencia. A China prometeu 1 milhao de dolares. O aeroporto de Santiago comecou a receber voos internacionais, que haviam sido suspensos depois do terremoto. As autoridades disseram que as pistas ficaram ilesas, mas que o terminal foi danificado. Alguns economistas previram um profundo impacto na economia do pais, ja que nas regioes mais afetadas o terremoto abalou as estruturas industriais e agricolas. (Reportagem adicional de Simon Gardner e Alonso Soto em Santiago) *** Chile tries to arise after earthquake with more than 700 died CONCEPCION, Chile (Reuters) Chile tried in this monday to raise after the strong earthquake and some tsunamis that had left more than 700 deceased, had erased of the map town entire and had compelled the government to place military in the streets to fight booties. But the chaos still reigned in the central region of Chile, where sets of ten of thousand of people had from fear passed the second night in tremors of more rejoinders, after the earthquake that destroyed houses, knocked down bridges and modified their lives. The official number of died by the sismo went up for 711, while terrible scenes of destruction emerged in isolated cities, made marshy for giant waves provoked by one of the earthquakes most violent in a century. About 1,5 million of houses they had been damaged and more than 2 million - or 12.5% of the 16 million inhabitants of Chile - had been affected. It has many missing people, and some cities remain isolated. The tidal wave caused for the tremor destroyed houses and cars in fishing villages in the long Chilean coast. Only in the city of Constitucion had about 350 deceased, had said employees of emergency to the local TV. A touch to collect nocturnal entered in law in the region of Maule and the city of Concepcion, where hundreds of plunderers had attacked store in search of food and other products. In Concepcion, survivors camped in the sidewalk had deducted their frustration in firemen who given drinking waters in thermal bottles and kettles, damaging its vehicles. The policy arrested some people for carrying through booties and violating the touch to collect. IMPACT IN THE MARKETS Had the concerns with the copper supplying, of which Chile is world-wide the exporting greater, the quotation of the product reached its bigger value in five weeks in the London Exchange Metal. Actions of these also had high. The markets can help to clarify the dimension of the economic impact in Chile, developed country more of Latin America. The Eqecat company, specialized in helping insuring to evaluate risks of catastrophes, said th
MESSERSCHMITT Bf109G-2/TROP W/NR.10639 `BLACK 6'/RN228/8478M/G-USTV Sep 42 Built at Leipzig by Erla Maschinenwerk GmbH, probably at its Mockau plant. Construction started as a Bf109F-3, but converted to Bf109G-2/Trop standard during construction. Allocated factory radio code PG + QJ. 13 Oct 42 Accepted by Luftwaffe. 21 Oct 42 Collected by III./JG77 at Munchen-Riem airfield. Flown to Vicenza, North Italy, and then to Jesi. 22 Oct 42 To Foggia and thence to Bari in Italy. Whilst there, the radio codes were removed and the identity `Black 6' applied. 27 Oct 42 Bari to Elefsis, Athens. In the evening, ferried to Tobruk East airfield, Cyrenaica (Libya). 28 Oct 42 Flown from Tobruk to El Harun. 02 Nov 42 Flown from El Harun to Bir El Abd landing ground. From this date the aircraft was probably flown by 21 year old Russian front veteran Heinz Ludemann of 8/JG77; his aircraft `Black 4' having been damaged the previous day. 03 Nov 42 Flown from Bir el Abd to Quasaba on the day that the German retreat following the battle of El Alamein was ordered. Flown back to Bir el Abd from Quasaba. 04 Nov 42 Ludemann flew the aircraft from Bir el Abd to Quotifaiya and took off for an operational sortie. Entry in Ludemann's diary: `During an attack on an English bomber force (SAAF Bostons escorted by USAAF P-40s) I was slightly injured in my head and body by the fighter escort. However, I managed to get my machine home' Aircraft ferried, probably immediately, by an unknown pilot to Gambut Main airfield (LG 139), SE of Tobruk for repair. (Ludemann was later killed when shot down in aerial combat with the RAF Desert Air Force 10 Mar 1943).© ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM 2009 2 11 Nov 42 German records indicate loss of `Black 6' through `enemy action' on this date, presumably when Gambut Main was abandoned to the advancing allies (`Black 6' - 026213 - p.136). 13 Nov 42 Discovered abandoned at LG139 Gambut Main by Flt Lt later Wg Cdr) Ken McRae, Engineer Officer of No.3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force. Had been `shot up' - damage to tailwheel, tail plane, canopy and one propeller blade. Radio and oxygen equipment unserviceable and some instruments missing. Sqn Ldr R H Gibbes, unit Commander, estimated that it had flown `no more than 10' hours since new. The reflector sight and armament had also been removed, probably by the retreating Germans. Photos as captured - Aeroplane Monthly Jul 91 p.394; Black 6 p.131; Aviation News 18 Jun-1 Jul 93 p.120. 14 Nov 42 Using parts from nearby wrecks including adjacent Bf109F w/nr 9678 a new tailplane, tailwheel and canopy were fitted and the hole in the propeller blade plugged. The codes CV-V - the personal code of Sqn Ldr (later Wg Cdr) R H Gibbes - were applied. Photos: Black 6 p.171; War Prizes (027726) p.38; Aeroplane Monthly Jul 1991 p.395; Air International Oct 77 p.202. 15 Nov 42 Gibbes flew CV-V to LG150/Gazala Satellite II airfield (LG 150) escorted by Kittyhawks ET899 and AK626. A long taxi run in crosswind following a guiding Jeep, caused brake fires. Photo: Black 6 p.133. Gibbes intended that the aircraft be sent to Australia for display, and allegedly slept beneath the aircraft when first `acquired' to prevent pilfering by other units. 19 Nov 42 Gibbes flew CV-V to Martuba No.4 airfield, escorted this time by Kittyhawks ET899, AK626, ET951 and FL323. His diary records `the 109 is a hell of a nice kite with terrific performance. On lowest permissible boost and revs it was clocking 220-230mph'. 21 Nov 42 Gibbes' diary record `In the afternoon took up 109G for an RAF film unit. Only up 10 minutes as battery a bit flat and prop motor wouldn't work`. 29 Nov 42 No.209 (Fighter) Group RAF ordered that the aircraft should be officially flight tested as one of the first G model 109s to be captured by the allies. 01 Dec 42 Two familiarisation flights, one by Gibbes and the other by Flt Lt R J Watt. Gibbes tried out the cannon. Afterwards the cannon and reflector sight were removed. Excerpt from `3 Squadron at War' records: `a somewhat mysterious signal was received from HQ Middle East stating that the captured aircraft had to be flown back there' - for evaluation. 02 Dec 42 Following AOC instructions Gibbes flew CV-V to Heliopolis (Cairo) via Martuba, El Adam, Mersa Matruh, Amiyra, Cairo and flew past some Dakotas `with interesting results'. On take-off from Amiyra the canopy flew off, hitting the starboard wing.© ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM 2009 3 04 Dec 42 Engineering detachment from No.451 Squadron RAAF based at St Jean, Palestine started work on the aircraft. Photo: `Black 6' p.17. 05 Dec 42 Work continued (from diary of Heric Christian, Engine Fitter IIE). 06 Dec 42 `Got 109 Going'. 07-12 Dec 42 `109 remained at Heliopolis while No.451 Squadron visited El Daba, Mersa. 12 Dec 42 No.451 Squadron personnel to Matruh and Quasaba seeking spares. 13 Dec 42 `Working on 109 all day and found out a few more things about it'.

brazil flight missing
brazil flight missing

The peril facing a lone American amid Third World political turmoil is elegantly communicated in this important film from Costa-Gavras (Z), adapted by the director and Donald Stewart from Thomas Hauser's nonfiction book. The key to its power onscreen stems from the decision not to center the action merely on the disappearance of Charles Horman (John Shea), but also on the search for him by his father Ed (Jack Lemmon)--and on Ed's discovery of a son he never knew. The Oscar-winning script flows freely between that search and Charles's earlier experiences in the unnamed country (in the true account, Chile). Providing a link between those two stories is Charles's wife Beth (Sissy Spacek), who follows her father-in-law around a country in chaos, teeming with reckless authority and disinterested American diplomats (epitomized by ace character actor David Clennon). The film, which was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and won the Cannes Film Festival's top prize, is certainly manipulative, but it works because of its finely detailed human elements. Usually emotionally extroverted, Lemmon gives one of his finest performances playing against that type--here, he's a controlled, intellectual man who learns more about his son, and his country, than he ever dreamed he would. --Doug Thomas