Guidelines for Hosts

This is an unconference, which means that there is no "official" program. Attendees will suggest session topics and be responsible for presenting or leading discussion around that topic. While all attendees are welcome and encouraged to host a session, it is not mandatory. 

To host a session, be sure to arrive at 12:45 to get registered and settled. At 1 PM, we will begin setting up the schedule grid. Please be prepared to stand up and announce your topic to the group--this can be a fully detailed plan, or more of a general topic for discussion. 

Each session is 45 minutes long. Hosts should expect to present for no longer than 20 minutes, maximum, and then open the topic up for Q&A and group discussion. 

By making at least half of each session discussion, we are seeking to create a space for folks to meet, inspire, and form partnerships with each other. As a session host, anything you can do to foster these conversations is welcome and encouraged. 

Following the event, your summary of the session would be welcome. We will archive it on this website for everyone to access. 

If this is your first unconference, you might also find the tips listed at helpful.