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What is BookBonds?

BookBonds Mission/Philosophy

The idea behind BookBonds came as a result of reading and discussing The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease  in the Fall of 2006.  At that time, I was participating in my school's professional book club and pregnant with my first child.  I was also working as a middle school reading specialist and dismayed by the growing number of students reading below grade level.  As we met for our early morning book sessions and my due date rapidly approached, I began thinking about just how effortless reading aloud could really be.  Not only was I already doing it with my students, but I was soon to be a mom and was eager to try it out with my new baby.  In between eating, sleeping, changing diapers, and sleeping some more, my husband and I both took turns stealing some time to read with Seth.  Sometimes it would last 10 seconds, other times it would last 10 minutes.  As Seth grew, so too did his attention span.  He is now 3 years old and has a vocabulary that rivals my own at times!  His 1 year old sister has become quite the book connoisseur as well.   My motivation in creating BookBonds is to encourage ALL parents to read aloud with their children and to equip parents and children with the tools they need to create a lasting literacy bond. 


BookBonds Curriculum 

BookBonds presently offers developmentally appropriate classes for parents and children newborn to 5 years old.  BookBonds offers interactive sessions in which parents and children read, play, and sing with literacy as the focus.  Each one hour class focuses on a different literacy-related theme and all classes begin with a short read aloud by the instructor and end with a "Bonding Book Club" where parents and children have time to read together.


Cost and Class Location 

Each BookBonds course is 6 weeks long, and class sessions last one hour  (for a total of 6 one hour sessions).  Introductory classes are currently being offered through smalltalkers, LLC in Centreville, VA.  The cost of the introductory class is $20, while the 6 week session runs $120.  BookBonds is located in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County); classes may be offered throughout the DC metro area based on demand.